The Friday Art Cat: Nubia and the Grass


Nubia and the Grass

“Nubia (Runcie-Unger) and the Grass”.  Soft pastels on paper, 16×11 inches.

I made this work after looking at an arresting photo shown to me.

Three things grabbed me about this image :

  • the attitude of the black, almost aristocratic cat, looking directly at the viewer,
  • the gorgeous cerulean / swimming pool blue background (one of my favourite colours)
  • the ice cream tub of grass, which threw a reflection onto the cat’s jaw!

Why was there grass growing on the windowsill of the flat belonging to these cat lovers? 

Of course, this is not any old grass: it is cat grass ! (Dactylis glomerata, in Latin.)

The work is rather naïve in style – what I mean by that is that the form of the cat and ice cream tub are not fully modelled, it is rather flat looking, with little perspective rendered.  I wanted to let the colours sing loudly ! 

In fact, the lower portion of the cat is not totally present at all: this dear cat actually has a missing front paw.

Hope you like it!


Sara Day


I am an artist making work mostly of animals and people, specialising in oil painting and soft pastel.  Three cats live with me – Maine Coon Orlando, Bengal Pandora and black moggy Rio. 

If you’re interested in commissioning me for a portrait or purchasing any of my work, please contact me.




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8 thoughts on “The Friday Art Cat: Nubia and the Grass

  1. Juliana says:

    Waht a beautiful portrait of a black cat. I would like to ask if the art I sent to Marc will ever be featured in this section, since it seems only one artist have been featured for weeks, and if i did anything wrong when sendind my pictures. Thank you!

    • Marc-André says:

      Hey Juliana. We got your art and I thought I replied that I’ll schedule it in when we are back from Japan.

      The way our art cat section works is that one week we post a submission and the other week our own artist posts one of her creations or an interview with artists around the world. So it may seem like Sara has a lot of posts but that’s because she is our own artists that posts bi-weekly (originally weekly before we decided to open it up for guest artists)

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