Pawsome! – 7 Insanely Cool Gifts For Your Cat Loving Friend

Let’s face it: Gifting can be hard. Especially for cat lovers.

The abundance of cat related items on the web can be confusing and overwhelming. You want to find that purr-fect piece that brings joy and happiness to your loved one but end up scrolling through the web for hours and hours without finding that one gift.

Well what if I told you…

…it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are cat gifts out there that will blow your cat loving friend away!

In this blog post, we present you 7 items that your loved one will truly want to have and remember for a lifetime.

Get ready!

Unique Necklace Modelled After Your Friend’s Cat

This pendant necklace by KittySensastions is completely modelled after your loved one’s cat!

How does it work?

Simply upload a picture of the cat on their product page and they will individually handmake this cat necklace for your friend. Fully made of Sterling Silver, this shiny piece will be a gift that your loved one will cherish for a lifetime.

But there is more…

You can even enter a heartful message on the site and KittySensations will engrave it on the back of the necklace – with no additional charge.

Made by hand and truly unique, this pendant is the most adorable gift you can ever give to a cat friend. After all, from the perspective of a cat lady, what’s cuter than her own cat?

The World Of Cats

Do cats mean the world to your friend?

If yes, then this map showing the world using colourful cats is a great gift. What the map is lacking in accuracy and nerdy data, it makes up in colours and cuteness!

Have you ever seen Great Britain looking so adorable on a map?

The cute little cat poses are super original and make you look at the map like you are standing in front of a famous painting.

Cat Scratchers Are Lame – This One Isn’t!

See how this cat scratcher looks like a trendy design piece? That’s because…it is!

The amazing-looking item is loved by cat owners and cats around the world for its multifunctional approach compared to traditional scratchers.

Cats use it to:

  • Relax and snooze away
  • Scratch off their claws
  • Cuddle with their besties

Not only does it look great and is beloved by cats for all these possibilities, the cat scratcher can also be attached to the wall for a stylish look that pleases their humans.

Cat Jewellery Makes You Go ‘Awww’

Aren’t cats the most adorable animals in the world?

As it turns out, cat-themed jewellery pieces are just as cute and great gifts for any cat lady!

Choose between items that feature tiny pawsies, cute little kitty ears or beautiful artistic cats and gift your loved one something meaningful. Every piece is handmade by KittySensations and comes with a whopping 10-year product warranty.

Since they are so affordable, you are free to combine them and gift a whole jewellery set.

Proven to make the recipient go ‘Awww’, these accessories are wonderful gifts and great additions to any cat lady’s jewellery wardrobe.

Cats Welcome

How do you tell people you are a cat person before they even enter your house?

With this doormat!

Meant in a joking way, it reflects every cat owner’s view of life and towards his or her cat(s). By gifting this to your friend, you even donate a small amount to a charity of your choice during the purchase.

Monopoly… With Cats!

Monopoly featuring cats – Catopoly – is the board game for people who are crazy about their felines.

Inherently fun and entertaining, the cat design adds even more amusement to the game and reflects the owners cat obsession.

The great thing about Catopoly: Every part of the game features cats.

Yes, you read that right. Every part.

Even the little tokens are cat related! Play with a tiny milk bottle, a box of sardines, cat food and even a little fishy.

Great for the whole family, this game is a pawsome gift for your cat loving friend.

Cats can write Poems!

Well not really… but what if they could?

‘I could Pee on this…’ is based on this idea and features hilarious poems that our sweethearts would probably come up with if they could write.

Sit down, snuggle up with your sweeties and prepare for a good time when you pick up this book. Do you think your friend will want to have a laugh over some creative cat poems and jokes?

We think so.

Give this to your friend as a present to simply gift him or her a good time full of laughter and fun.

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16 thoughts on “Pawsome! – 7 Insanely Cool Gifts For Your Cat Loving Friend

    • Marc-André says:

      Catopoly is one of my top cat themed games. I’d love to stock it for our own online shop but the licensing people are not so easy to get a decent deal with as a small retailer.

    • Marc-André says:

      I’d love to make a cartoon version of that but I think our cartoonists would scream if I commissioned such a huge piece unless I covered their full salary. 😉

    • Marc-André says:

      Glad you liked the selection. 🙂

      And shame we are bit closer to each other. We’d play it with you!

      Katzenworld was actually started over board games which we used to organise bi-weekly. 🙂

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