Purrsday Poetry: Conquering Our Fears

They wait like whaling widows on the shores,
For all their fishermen to wander home.
In pensive rows they smell the rolling foam,
Their ears attentive, — far above the roars
For sounds of sailors and the splash of oars;
Light whiskers quiver, each a weighty tome
With wisdom of wherever winds may roam,
And where their favored mariner explores.

Ten thousand years and more it’s been like this:
With faithful creatures waiting through the hours,
And watching, with appreciative love,
And anxious terror for this sacred bliss:
For rousing shouts and for the silvery showers
Of fish that pour down from the nets above.

They’ve counseled us to shelter from the rain.
Policing all those thieving rats and mice,
They’ve helped us with the harvesting of grain,
And loutish lagomorphs voracious vice.
Since they’ve found humans useful things to train,
We’ve gained in grace through their sweet sacrifice.

Far longer than ten thousand patient years
They’ve tutored us in how to battle grime:
They’ve washed their paws and whiskers every time
They’ve eaten, and they’ve scrubbed behind their ears.

They’ve charmed our eyes, while each one perseveres.
Melodious meows have tutored us in rhyme.
Purrsuasive purrs rewarded us each time
We’ve learned decorum, conquering our fears.

Author notes
My dear editor Blaze Achew Panda-monium, cat of the elegant sneeze and Most Sublime Mews Himself assures me that the spelling of purrseveres is correct, according to Standard North American Feline, and that the history is also correct: they have domesticated us and not the other way around.
Written Oct 16, 2013 © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

Cats Waiting for Fishermen to Return

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