When Strangers Think you’re Nice!


We had our roof replaced and our gas had to be turned off! This meant one thing!! Workmen!! Yep, they think I’m a cute, bundle of cuteness, who is full of purrs!

Well, they have one thing coming! They are thinking about some other kitty not me! The workman comes into the house and automatically goes to pet me! Can you believe that! I cannot!

Mum tried to warn him! So, I give a big hiss and then went to scratch him! He jumped back (so, he should!). No one pets me like a dog without my consent. That just the way it is with me.

We have alot of workmen and they now know me as the kitty with the attitude! Its great to see grown men scared of me! They need to know, that not every kitty they can pet like a dog.

This is why mum cannot get another kitty though, I am supper territorial. But that’s ok, because I’m the king of my house! I get my own way!

When we were getting the gas fitted we had many, many workmen in the house and they all got to know me. I only liked one of them, I’d sniff him and go round his legs, the other workmen got jealous!

Not everyfur can have my love! Surly they must know this!! They are strangers, making noise and disturbing my naps, treat times etc. Who would want to give love to that! Humans are just strange!? Workmen thinking they will get my love after all that banging, talking, me missing treat times and food times due to their disruption! Why are humans so loud?!

The only time I am loud and proud is for my treats and food! You have to tell your human exactly what you want and when you want it. My human has been in the training mode for over 3 years.

She still hasn’t gotten used to ‘cat’ language!

The postman thinks I’m a dog! ha, ha, I growl when he posts the letters, so, I also try and get the letters out of the letter box.

Once we had a paramedic attend to mums poor heart and his bag was so comfortable! I sat in it and wouldn’t move, when he tried to get me out I hiss. My humans had to remove me from the bag, but it is hard when I can open the doors so, I can easily get out of the rooms!

Did I mention I love bags!! Oh boy I love my bags, boxes and tissue paper!!


So, in summary never think you can pet all kitties, I have a attitude but I am king of my castle and no fur can tip me off that. But I’m not a dog and deserve to be treated like a king.

I hope every fur is ok and that this gives an overview into my personality?

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