Katzenworld Cats in “The Spirit of Christmas”

Hi everyone,

We hope your year has been as fabulous as ours and that you are spending time with your family (human and fur-friends alike!)

This Christmas our four masters of mischief decided to go for an important Christmas message.

As much as we all enjoy celebrating the holiday season with our family and friends there are others that haven’t got it as well as us and our four would like to raise attention to the many homeless cats that need our help and support now more than ever!



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26 thoughts on “Katzenworld Cats in “The Spirit of Christmas”

  1. Claudia says:

    If people could be as generous as these kitties! I send money to my local cat shelter where I got my 2 cats. Hope sometime during the year everyone does the same!

  2. weggieboy says:

    Another way to help at the shelter is to volunteer to spend time playing with the cats and dogs, giving them the gift of socialization and relief from boredom.

      • weggieboy says:

        It’s a great use of free time, eh?! I also give the locval shelter big sacks of dry food for young cats, on the thought that even old cats probably need lots of the stiuff that builds young kitties into big cats to get back in shape after being abandoned or being feral. Of course, young cats/ kittens need that nutrition, too,

          • weggieboy says:

            I know people who have that same response to finicky eaters. Great idea! Also, after the death of a pet, unless you have more than one kitty, you can donate their food.

  3. Crystal says:

    What a sweet Christmas cat cartoon. I loved. I shared it on Google+. Hope you had a great Christmas and hope you and the cats have a Happy, safe and prosperous New Year.
    Daisy Mae And Christmas

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