Guest Star: Little Buddy, A Cat Like No Other

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Please find a Guest Story from Stephanie Musarra about her cat Little Buddy:

Buddy, A Cat Like No Other

Steve, and I decided that we should wait awhile before getting a pet. We had just moved into a new home, and we had barely unpacked.
One evening, we heard a cat meowing loudly. Steve rushed outside to see if it was injured.
Steve found a Russian Blue that was barely a few weeks old. It was starving. Apparently, somebody had abandoned the kitten, and one of the neighbors had been feeding it.
The kitten ran up to Steve, and jumped into his arms.
Steve brought the kitten home, and asked me if I wanted to keep it. The poor creature was so small that it fit into the palm of his hand.
We took the kitten to the vet, and he got a clean bill of health. I named him Little Buddy.
Little Buddy began to fetch bottle caps. I’m not sure who taught him that. Oddly enough, he
only chases after water bottle caps.
Every time Steve would whistle, the kitten would come to him just like a dog.
Little buddy has brought joy into our lives. He is a great companion. Steve suffers from depression, and PTSD. I also suffer from non-combat related PTSD.
Our cat’s crazy antics never fail to fill our house with laughter.
Steve can’t even eat beef jerky, because our sneaky feline steals it right off the table.
Little Buddy hoards bottle caps. One time we found thirty of them hidden behind our washer.
He even hides bottle caps underneath the rug. I don’t know how he does this!
Sometimes, our cat pranks us. He’ll put a bottlecap in the bottom of our shoe. When we try to put our shoes on, we find a “surprise.”
Little Buddy is obsessed with the bathroom. He likes to hang around the toilet. Sometimes, he’ll try to swat the toilet paper out of my hand when I’m trying to wipe.

We no longer call him Little Buddy. He has grown into an eleven pound cat.

Every cat has their own personality, but I never met a cat like Buddy!
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