Purrsday Poetry: Meowy Cat’s Mouse

We strive to give you goofs a tree
Since we’ve all toppled …well, two or three.
So… MEOWY CATS’ MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuddle Pusses,
Although you’re all weird human wooses.
May you receive so many presents,
And gobble turkeys, geese and pheasants,
Till, huge as hogs, you’ll lie like logs
….And even cuddle loathsome dogs!!!!

Hoppy Holidays!!!!! from Blaize and company and Purrsanthema

(A scrap of catteral scribbled by the Sublime Mews Himself, Blaize Achew Panda-monium, Cat of the Elegant Sneeze, and proud murderer of eight lamps!)

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8 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Meowy Cat’s Mouse

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