Pooh the Panther plays with her Tigga Towers Piccolo

Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite three-legged black cat here today. 😀 And I’ve got an awesome new scratcher

Rennie: Do you now? I wanna give it a go first…

Nubia: Rennie! Move your dirty paws away from my brand new shiny Tigga Towers Piccolo floor scratcher!!! You’ve already snatched my other toys…

Rennie: o.o Oh oh… she seems angry… I better move away quickly…

Nubia: Right now that my brother is gone… it’s time to trial this!

Nubia: Oooooh it’s also good to scratch my head on it…

Rennie: Sis… you do know that the idea of a scratcher is that YOU scratch it not that IT scratches you…

Nubia: Well Rennie… not all of us have 4 paws and can get rid of their itchy spots on their head on their own!!! This is purrfect for that. <3

Rennie: Hmmm…. let me find Freya to see what she thinks about your usage!!!

Nubia: At last he is gone…! Now I can get rid of my itchy spots again. <3

Freya: Pooh! What are you doing! That’s not how you are meant to use this…

Nubia: Oh for the cat lords sake! Not you as well now!!! Can you both not see that I am very happy with my present?

Freya & Rennie: Sure we can… but I think we need to show you how to use it properly!

Nubia: Aha… so what you really mean to say is that you are planning to seal it!

Freya: No no honestly… we are just trying to help you! Look your claws are getting a bit long and thick as you are not shedding them enough….

Nubia: Well it’s not exactly easy for me to scratch the poles of our scratch tree is it now!

Freya: That’s precisely why we are trying to help you. 😉

Nubia: So you mean a bit more like this? Lying down on the floor and scratching it from underneath?

Rennie: I don’t think that’s quite what we thought you’d do…

Nubia: You two… never happy! I think it’s pawesome like this as I can scratch it from underneath without having to hold up my body. 😀

Freya: Right… let me get Rennie to show you what we had in mind. 😀

Rennie: *MEOWS LOUDLY* Look! You can stand on top of it… and when you can just scratch it by standing on it.

Nubia: I still think that this position is much more comfortable for me. Plus I can paw at you two from this side while sharpening my claws. ;P

Rennie & Freya: *Sigh* Fine… But do let us use it too ok? <3

Nubia: Maybe… but for now we need to tell our fellow cat friends why they should get Tigga Towers Piccolo Cat Floor Scratcher! As you may have gathered from our own interactions with the Piccolo it provides a perfect solution for those cats that struggle using upright poles and due to lack of use develope what’s called overgrown claws. Overgrown claws are a big big problem for me now that I am getting a bit older and I hate it when the humans try to clip them back in shape…

My biggest problem is of course the front paw because even traditional scratch pads are not that easy to use if you have to keep up your body while using your remaining front paw… Not only that but most of the pads, matts and cardboard scratchers move a lot meaning I fall over. :'(

With the Piccolo I can simply lie on my back and scratch it from underneath! Plus… it’s solid enough to not move even when my siblings jump on it to use it from above. Oh and as an extra bonus, I can also use it to get rid of my itchy spots by scratching my head on the sisal without requiring to track down a human to do so. <3

Freya: Oh wow… I had not realised how difficult that is for you…

Nubia: Not many cats let alone humans realise that! They just blame us three legged cats for tearing up carpets!!! The Piccolo should be great at prevent carpet destruction tho of course you may need to train your feline friend a little to use it in the beginning.

Oh and before I forget we organised a 10% discount code for you all on the Piccolo simply enter KZW18 during checkout over at Tigga Towers! The code is valid until the 31st of December and postage is available worldwide where needed.

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
Prince Renegade Grand Gourmet Gourmand also known as the Flash
Princess Queen Freya the Snow Leopard

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5 thoughts on “Pooh the Panther plays with her Tigga Towers Piccolo

    • Marc-André says:

      The Tigga Towers products are worth every coin spent on them tho! We’ve got one of their mini towers as well. Had that one for a few years now and despite constant use it’s still in purrfect condition. 😀

      And Poo is very happy that she can scratch this in her comfort position. 🙂

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    Aw, look at all of you. Having fun with your new scratcher.

    Thanks for linking to Feline Friday. Most welcome.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend. My best to your peeps. ♥

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