Purrsday Poetry – To Sukkah, Soft and Sharp

To Sukkah, Soft and Sharp

by KiWi from http://www.poetryandpastry.wordpress.com

To my cat:

Your fur is downy and your tail is tipped;

Your velvet ears are curled and flipped;

Your whiskers reach, and branch and brush;

Your paws are padded, your footsteps hushed.

Your belly is squishy, your nose is pink;

Your eyes close slowly whene’er you blink.

I log to touch your every tuft,

For cats are soft, so very soft.

Your claws are hooked, your talons barbed;

Your teeth are pointed to do prey harm.

Your bones are strong, your jaws are firm;

Your prey is caught, and cannot squirm.

Your eyes glint metallic, quick and sly,

But your hiss is fiercer than your eye.

You hide a distant, feline heart,

For cats are sharp, so very sharp.

[Original poem by KiWi from http://www.poetryandpastry.wordpress.com]
Not actual cat of the poem. Used for illustration purposes
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4 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry – To Sukkah, Soft and Sharp

  1. Clare Stringfellow says:

    Good rhythm in this poem. I love the contrasting character of the two stanzas. Dare I say it reminds me of Blake’s Tyger, Tyger.

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