Tabatha at Lake Jindabyne :)

Hello to all you lovely readers of Katzenworld! Kat and I are still in Australia and still visiting many different places.

Today I would like to quickly share with you my visit to Jindabyne which is in New South Wales. Jindabyne is the little town which is near the Snowy Mountains and…it….is….beautiful!

The whole lake is so big this kitty felt like she would never be able to walk around it (though being on Kats shoulders helped :)). There were many islands to travel to by boat, people were placing their feet in the clear, blue water, couples walking hand in hand…this kitty thinks Jindabyne is absolute bliss!

They have an annual event called ‘Snow Tunes’ which happens every year (this kitty would love to go next year-Catniptini at the ready-yeah!). Lots of dance acts perform for the weekend and you get to dance in your winter mittens and hats IN THE SNOW! How cool is that?

Aside the lake there are many walks to have, lots of cute little eateries, lots of bars WITH REAL LIVE FIRES. It is soooooo cosy! This kitty loved enjoying a milky drink warming her damp mittens and cold paws by the warm heat (of course I fell asleep…..:D)

If you get the chance to visit Sydney, don’t just stick to the CBD. Hire a car and travel, New South Wales has so much to offer from beautiful beaches to luscious lakes, to magnificent mountains and amazing, out of this world drives!

Thank you for reading my work, I love writing for Katzenworld 🙂

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Thank you once again!

Your (cute) travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxxx

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