Guest Star: A Story About a cat Named Maya

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a guest story from Kamilia:

It was November 2017 ,I was moving constantly from place to place.

My grandpa let me stay at his house at that time, because I didn’t have a place to go. I was going through some hard times, and quite depressed.

My grandpa came to me and said “I see you sad most of the time, I know exactly what you need my child, get ready we’re going to the animal shelter’’. I must say, I wasn’t sure I wanted a pet, I was scared that I would have to take care of it all the time and I didn’t really have a permanent place to stay, and that might also bother the pet.

We went to the shelter and I looked at all these cages where these poor little kitties have been. I noticed this little black cat, she was so cute with her little green-yellow eyes, and after I saw her all my worries just washed away, I just couldn’t resist that look .I picked her ,I knew there was a low chance for her to get adopted by someone, as most people believe that black cats bring bad luck, but It was quite the opposit for me and grandpa.

I named her “Maya” which means the supernatural power wielded by gods and demons. Maya was a big help for me and grandpa, I was feeling much better just by letting her sit on my lap. My grandpa’s health condition wasn’t going so well at that time, unfortunately he was struggling with serious illness for sometime. I remember when he told me how happy he was to have her with us, he told me that she gave him good energy.

It was such a relief for me when I came back home after a really hard long day ,and seeing grandpa sitting on the couch with Maya on his lap saying to me “look, she is sitting here all the time! She loves me” and a beautiful smile on his face. Maya this little cat has brought to us much love and made us feel good through hard and painful times.

Sadly last month My grandpa passed away, he took me and Maya under his wing ,and now it’s me and her against all. She still sits on his couch from time to time and she always reminds me of him, I’ll always remember that day when we went to pick her, and he took her in his hands and said “she’s a strong one”. She is now 14 months old, healthy, filled with energy and loves to play, she doesn’t know how much she helped us in many ways, but I know, and I’ll always take care of her.

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18 thoughts on “Guest Star: A Story About a cat Named Maya

  1. zodiacimmortal says:

    Oh MAYA! she’s such a cutie! Sorry about your gramps. (I had lost my Fur baby this summer) She’s a beautiful little girl and as Sully got me through the rough times, and always knew when I needed some kittie cuddles and laughs Maya got you through the rough times too. (maybe they’re born to e therapy pets?!?!?!)

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