Portrait of a Cat: Blaze Achew Panda-monium

I hear a sudden crash and I go numb.
I hope that no one’s hurt! Another lamp?
Aw, Blaze! You manic moth-hunter, you scamp!
How many have you shipwrecked, smashing chum?

Do you expect some high encomium?
Some florid phrase to glorify your stamp,
Wherein, you dashing enemy of the amp,
I celebrate Blaze Panda-monium?

The trick is you’re so passionately sweet!
You with your pink nosed decent panda face
Are so devotedly affectionate
That even though you in your madcap race
Bring lamps, drapes, crystal to a sad defeat,
You charm us so that we don’t mind one bit.

Written Feb 19, 2009 © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

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