Friday Art Cat: Bubbles the Cat in Colorful Pop Art #Cats by Samantha Ryan

Hi everyone,

We received another cute art contribution from Samantha Ryan:

This is Bubbles the cat that I did on Deviant Art Muro. Then I added the special effects photos from PhotoMania. I love the idea of pop art and doing it digital.

Full art collage:

Medium collage:

You can see her full range of photo collages on her Facebook page, Twitter or Deviantart.

More about Samantha:

Samantha Ryan:

My love for cats has been there since I’ve been a kid. My mom & dad had pets to most of their lives. Growing up my family loves animals, has adopted strays, adopted two family cats, but they come for a while, sometimes they move on to other families or they pass away. One time we took care of a female cat then she had kittens,& we had 10-13 cats at once. When we moved, eventually new cats would come in our life, They would take naps with us, watch tv, sit on our laps, play inside & out, & beg for food. Cats keep you company & they fun to have in our lives. Cats are very smart. I made sure we took photos of them for the memories.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Art Cat: Bubbles the Cat in Colorful Pop Art #Cats by Samantha Ryan

    • Marc-André says:

      Oh so sorry we must have missed an update from you! Did you merge your old page into your new one as that would preserve followers and the old url would forward to the new one. 🙂

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