Friday Art Cat: Bubbles the Cat in Colorful Pop Art #Cats by Samantha Ryan

Hi everyone,

We received another cute art contribution from Samantha Ryan:

This is Bubbles the cat that I did on Deviant Art Muro. Then I added the special effects photos from PhotoMania. I love the idea of pop art and doing it digital.

Full art collage:

Medium collage:

You can see her full range of photo collages on her Facebook page, Twitter or Deviantart.

More about Samantha:

Samantha Ryan:

My love for cats has been there since I’ve been a kid. My mom & dad had pets to most of their lives. Growing up my family loves animals, has adopted strays, adopted two family cats, but they come for a while, sometimes they move on to other families or they pass away. One time we took care of a female cat then she had kittens,& we had 10-13 cats at once. When we moved, eventually new cats would come in our life, They would take naps with us, watch tv, sit on our laps, play inside & out, & beg for food. Cats keep you company & they fun to have in our lives. Cats are very smart. I made sure we took photos of them for the memories.

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