Putting your paw down! When humans dont listen!

There are times in a cats life where you have to stand your ground and put that paw down firmly!


Humans don’t always understand our needs! For instance, when I wake mum up at 03:00am, she doesn’t always realise that I want to be fed there and then. So, I have to then deploy plan B, this is a quick msneuverone where mum sharp moves!

You need to jump on your human! Yes, you heard me right! JUMP with all your pawsome might! Human will soon move! It works all the time!

When I think my tray is dirty enough I will inform my mum to clean it. I want it cleaned ASAP, after all I’m sure my mum doesn’t want my number 1 or number 2’s on her precious laminate flooring! It’s a furry simple task, go into the tray and make a huge noise with the litter and flick it everywhere!

This gets my mum, to actually clean my litter tray and the floor too! I wont stop doing this until my mum enters the bathroom where my tray is located. My litter tray is cleaned up to 2 times a day as a result.

Now, for treats. Treats are such a impawtant part of our lives! My mum needs to be aware of this! I need a treat daily (well, multiple times a day) when I feel like I’ve done a good job!

So, when I have slept and woken up, I feel I deserve a treat for sleeping! I will go to mum and meow, meow. Then when this doesn’t work, I dance or pat her a few times. She thinks am extremely cute so, she will get me a treat. After all we have a hard life!

I don’t know if any other anipal gets the post out of their letterboxes? Well, I do, and think as I have done such a good job of getting them from the letterbox onto the floor, I need a treat for that too. The same principle applies as above! It works all the time!

When my mum goes to go out, I lay on the floor by the front door and refuse to move! Yes, that’s right! I will not move! If, mum tries to move me, I give her attitude! She has no option but to provide me with treats. She then has to get out the door as soon as she can before I ask for more! That alone is no hard task as she’s a wheelchair user but I do find it amusing when she says ‘quickly he’s got one treat left!’ as they hurry out the door or ‘quickly he’s coming!’

There are always times when that paw has to be shown! You see, without putting that paw down our humans will try to ignore us!


We have to show our humans that we mean business!

I hope this guide has been useful and provided good ideas for you to take forward?

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18 thoughts on “Putting your paw down! When humans dont listen!

  1. jannicamerrit says:

    My sure-fire emergency trick is to pretend I am about to throw up on her bed. This will wake her from a dead sleep into a run in 2 seconds flat.

    Gotta keep those paws down!

    Yours in solidarity,
    Harvey Handsome Feet

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