Tabatha Remembers China

Tabatha Remembers China

(and her Favourite Photographs From her Time There)

Hello all you amazing readers of Katzenworld 🙂 This small kitty really hopes you are all keeping well and managing to travel as much as you all can.

This small cat has been super busy recently travelling around to see new places right here in Australia. Make sure you keep checking my travel blog ‘Tabatha’s Travels’ for all my latest travel updates.

Now, this small kitty was remembering her time in China today. Kat and I spent a whole year there for the duration of 2017-18 (see my previous works for Katzenworld) and I was thinking just how lucky I am to be able to travel and see as much as the world as I do. This kitty promises you lovely readers future and full blog posts about my time Down Under but for now I have my favourite pictures of me (in China) to share with you all.

Please don’t forget about me!

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