Renegade & Freya: Did Someone say Feathers?!?

Hi everyone,

It’s little me Freya the Queen Snow Leopard today! As you can see I have got a brilliant new toy. 😀

Freya: It’s the Pet Love Cat Tail Tickler that our humans got me from Animed Direct.

Renegade: What do you mean for YOU?!? Surely you mean it’s for us!!!!

Freya: Excuse me brother… this toy most certainly has my name on it!

Rennie: Oh… but feathers are my favourite.

Freya: I am the youngest so I get to play with it first. D:

Rennie: *Grumbles* Next time we need to get 2 of these and the humans will just have to put the camera away and play with us. 😮

Freya: Well for now I am happy and you’ll just have to wait. 😉

Freya: Maybe if I pull just a little harder…

Rennie: Please be careful… I want to still have a go at it. 😮

Freya: It’ll be fine because it’s a high quality toy. ;o

*Hours later*

Rennie & Freya: *Exhausted* Well this was a lot of fun! 😀

Freya: We are certainly pleased that our humans got us the Pet Love Cat Tail Tickler! So go tell your humans that they should add it to their next order from Animed Direct and if they combine it with food and other necessities to get to £29 or over it’ll give them free delivery in the UK.

Prince Renegade also known as the Flash
Princess Queen Freya the Snow Leopard

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17 thoughts on “Renegade & Freya: Did Someone say Feathers?!?

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Super cute. But really, do you two go for separate toys if there are two toys and two humans? My girls will still go after ONE toy — the same toy. The LOVE those soft feather type of toys. I hope you both have loads of fun playing!

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