Guest Star: The Story of Pochy

Hi everyone,
Please find below a guest story by Mizuki Ohta about her cat Pochy:
Pochy is a survivor Cat we are from the Philippines
She got hit by someone here.

One day she got home with a heavy breathing and her chest was expanding so much.
I panicked that time I didn’t know what to do I also can’t get her to the vet coz We didn’t have funds to do that.
I posted in our page Cats whiskers about what happened to her and just warn everyone to stay their pets inside I’m crying that time just holding her.
Then Comments flooded ‘Take her to the vet what is wrong with you’ they said some harsh comments and some are good and then people told me to just take her to the vet then just think of the bills later.
Then morning I brought her to the nearest vet the Doctor there are very nice but they don’t have much equipment for Pochy coz she said that she needs surgery coz her lungs have holes and her ribs are fractured she didn’t let us pay the fees and she gave us List of meds for First aid until I have money to get her surgery she also put support on her chest just like what I did first
Pochy is not eating for almost 3 days that Time I just forced feed her so she can still have strength
Then we went to another vet but they can’t help coz they said their Xray machine is broken then we went again to another Vet then Finally someone from Philippines to Contact us that she will help my poor baby to get Surgery but we had to travel.
We travelled for almost 4 hours from biñan city to quezon city to the Paws where we met mam belle aurelio and they checked my Pochy there but sadly they don’t have Xray machine too but they said she didn’t need a surgery coz it’s too dangerous to perform surgery on her Chest coz it’s a very sensitive part so just went back home and then again try to find A vet.
Then days past she’s getting better, she’s eating and drinking normally again but still weak.
Then we noticed her Tummy is kinda getting swollen we thought it’s her injury and having Liquid on it and they said if it was we have to drain it.
We find another Vet in Laguna Vet clinic they have equipments and everything. They checked Pochy and ultrasound checked her tummy to see if water is building up or something. The vet checked her for almost 20 minutes or more.
We also have Yokai (Pochy’s Baby) with us that time
Then Finally the Vet said that pochy is OK she is just gaining Weight nothing serious about her injuries he said it will heal by itself but put bandage on it for awhile for support
Then we got home and told everyone.

We met a lot of people because of Pochy

They Helped us a lot Even now
Yokai is with mam Belle she’s Fostering him for awhile coz he needed to be vetted again she have more access to the vet in her city

We have 3 more cats with us who still needs to be Vetted

Snowie, Venice, and Mochi

Thank you everyone for helping us God Bless you
We hope you’ll support Pochi by sharing the story and if you’d like to share your own why not drop us an email.
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14 thoughts on “Guest Star: The Story of Pochy

  1. Hangaku Gozen says:

    I’ve never thought about the lack of veterinary services in other countries. We take too much for granted in the US, especially those of us who live in cities where there’s a well equipped vet clinic in almost every neighborhood. Glad your Pochy is better, but what an ordeal!

  2. cat9984 says:

    Poor kitty! I’m glad everything worked out OK. She’s become a beautiful cat. (A lot of those people who told you not to worry about the bills have never been in your situation, it’s easier said than done.)

  3. Nora J Hamilton says:

    It’s tough in many places in the world because there is not much vet care available. But She tried so hard and now Pochy is going to be all right. Great outcome!

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