Where is Your Animal Companion now?

Hi everyone,

We’ve teamed up with Petpointer to provide us with tips and advice on keeping track of your feline friends! 🙂

Most of us (for those with outdoor cats) have probably been in that situation. You come home from work but your little one isn’t there yet. At first, you shrug it off and think “ah nevermind he will be roaming one of the neighbours gardens but he will be back for dinner time!”

But dinner time comes and he is still not home… now you start to worry… “What happened? Did he get lost? Is he stuck in a garage?” Panic starts settling in and friends and neighbours are called to look out for your friend!

While most of the time it’s probably just down to an extra long walk and your friend will simply walk in like nothing happened this is a very unsettling situation for us cat guardians that can cause endless sleepless nights… And this is where Petpointer’s core product comes in to the rescue!

Petpointer is a swiss company that has developed the worlds smallest gps tracking device at just 28 grams in weight that can be used for both dogs and cats!

The device can be tracked using the petpointer phone app or the Petpointer website from a Mac / PC so that you always know where your pet is! Being a GPS device it does require a monthly subscription for the data network and the plans can be purchased via the Petpointer website. Currently, their online shop only delivers to Switzerland but they are partnering up with distribution networks around the world to make this available in your own country.

Would you be interested in being able to purchase these in the UK? Let us know! 🙂

So what makes Petpointer different?

  • The GPS and LBS localisation technology in the petpointer makes it possible to pinpoint the location of your pet down to a few metres. Location thus determined is continuously sent to your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC via 2G mobile network in over 200 countries (That’s right even if you travel with your pet your subscription plan will cover you without roaming charges).
  • The petpointer was developed as a joint project by the STMZ lost-pet service with positioning specialists at leading Swiss universities and various engineers from the watchmaking industry. Swiss technology, Swiss precision and carefully constructed in Switzerland.
  • The petpointer is the smallest of its kind with its dimension of 2.3 cm x 5.8 cm x 1 cm and can be attached to any pet-collar. This ensures your pet enjoys full freedom of movement.
  • The petpointer can be attached to any pet collar quickly and easily. Your pet does not have to get accustomed to a new collar. The battery can be simply removed from the petpointer for re-charging without removing the collar

Over the next few months, we will be working with a number of cat experts around the UK to trial the Petpointer for us to provide you all with more insights on how this works. Additionally, we will also work with them and the Petpointer team to provide you with top tips around locating your cat and even more importantly ensuring that they don’t go missing.

Once the device can be ordered in the UK we will let you know!



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17 thoughts on “Where is Your Animal Companion now?

  1. themerlinpages says:

    Wow! This is amazing! When Gandalf went missing I had been just about to get him tagged. My mum would probably not even see the point of this with our furries – they don’t even wear collars! But I know we’d both love to be able to see where they get to when they wander off on cat business!

    • Marc-AndrĂ© says:

      It’s especially interesting because you can watch it live on the map! We will be posting about that soon. 🙂

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  3. Cherilyn says:

    What happens if the collar comes off? Most cat collars in the U.S. are “break-away” collars that come off with a good tug (the idea is to keep a cat from getting caught on a fence or something and stuck). The “break-away” collars go around the neck, maybe use a cat harness instead (though a determined cat can get out of one of those as well).

    • Marc-AndrĂ© says:

      Hi Cherilyn,

      We use break-away collars as well. Petpointer also developed a special breakaway collar that is weight adjustable meaning you can adjust it to the weight of your cat to ensure it still comes of safely if a cat gets stuck but doesn’t “randomly” fall off during their day to day activities thus meaning the tracker is less likely to lead to a collar but instead to your cat with the collar. 😀

    • Marc-AndrĂ© says:

      Have you ever hid somewhere so difficult to find that your humans couldn’t find you within the house? Oli has managed that. ;o

  4. mvaden1948 says:

    This would have helped me earlier this week when Diavolo went missing for a full 24 hours. I’m sure that he went to visit one of his friends. He knows everyone in this apartment complex (small, with a lot of long time residents) so I think someone let him in and forgot he was there sleeping and went to work or out somewhere. When he finally showed up on the patio he was very glad to see me and have a late breakfast.
    Yes, I’d love to be able to keep him in all the time but since he was the community cat and lived outside for many years before he chose to move in with me his wish is my command. He sure was a lot snugglier and wanted lots of love.
    Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to keep a collar on him. I know, I’ve tried. So even if this tracker was available in the US I couldn’t spend the money. Or maybe I could because at least it would tell me where the tracker was when he lost it. At least he has a microchip.

    • Marc-AndrĂ© says:

      Oh no! Glad he returned in the end. And yeah loosing a collar is a problem with cats. This company does have these weight adjustable collars but there is still a chance they can be lost for safety of course.

  5. meowmeowmans says:

    That’s a really neat idea! Our cats are indoors only, but if they DID go outside, we would totally look into Petpointer. 🙂

  6. Dennis the Vizsla says:

    hello katzenworld its dennis the vizsla dog hay rite now i am chillin on the sofa and charlee is in dadas lap!!! i do not no ware chaplin is but no dowt he is arownd heer sumware wayting for sumbuddy to giv him sumthing to eet!!! ennyway this petpointer thing sownds cool for keeping track of animals wot dont hang arownd the howse as mutch as we do heer!!! ok bye

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