Tabatha’s Amazing Beijing Facts

Tabatha’s Amazing Beijing Facts

Hello to all you amazing and wonderful readers of Katzenworld. How are you all? This small kitty hopes you are all well. This is your cute, travel blogging kitty Tabatha checking in with you all from a very sunny Australia ?

Yes, it is true, we have now come Down Under once more. Our Chinese adventure is now over (we can’t believe how fast the time went!) but as the old saying goes, the end of an old chapter is the start of a new one and this kitty just loves new chapters of pure adventure and travel ?

However, this small kitty also has many happy memories of China, from the beauty of Hangzhou, to the cat cafes, the history and the many different cat friends I made on my journey. It is my pleasure today, to share with you my amazing time in Beijing. Kat and I decided to travel there on vacation back in May and this cat has to say, it is a truly wonderful city with much to offer for everyone.

Kat and I stayed in a hostel which was pretty central in Beijing (which made it handy to travel to different places!) with only a short stop away from Beijings underground Metro system. We travelled there by bullet train! This kitty felt a whoooosh when the train got up to over 300km p/h-we were there in no time!

Once we got to Beijing there wasn’t much to do but to plan our time there, have a beer (of course) and make friends with Future, the cute hostel cat 🙂 There is much to see in Beijing so this kitty and Kat had to plan our time effectively to see what we wanted to see. But….we made our plans! Our first stop was Tianammen Square and the Forbidden City….

Erm….WOW! The Forbidden city is the huuuuge home (well, palace) of the old Emperors from the past! Now I am only a small kitty with very small paws, so imagine how vast this place seemed to me! Lots of stories, ghosts (spooky!) gardens, stairs, ice cream (yes) and history! Well worth a visit ? Of course we saw Tianammen Square too which is the resting place of Chairman Mao (not Meow). It was as to be expected, lots of tourists, pictures and his tomb. However, if you are like this small kitty and LOVE HISTORY, then its well worth a trip on the Metro to see!

The second day was DOUBLE WOW! (WOW!) because we headed to the Great Wall of China! I cannot actually put the experience of the Great Wall into words, other than-GO! It really is a must see in your life and you can even see it from space! This kitty also enjoyed good weather, a dinner of sweet and sour pork with rice and memories to last a life time…..and stuffed animals live forever.

On the third day we headed to the Summer Palace which is the old summer residence of the Emperors. I tell you these Emperors knew how to live! Beautiful gardens, a stunning lake and perfect architecture! Also lots of stairs (and ice cream). Definitely worth a visit!

Kat and I also headed to Beijing Zoo to see…..PANDAS!!! Yes, this kitty went to see Pandas…. in the Panda garden! The pandas were so cute ? and so were the other animals too. Beijing zoo is actually bigger than you think, so if you do visit, make sure you schedule for a whole day there to get the most out of everything the zoo has to offer.

Now, you cannot go to Beijing without visiting the Night Markets for a taste of China! The night markets offer an array of gifts, food and culture. This small cat admits it was a bit busy but it is such an experience it was to be expected! I also saw…live Scorpions on sticks to eat. I didn’t try one but saw somebody do so….think of this what you will!

I also went to the Peking Opera and saw two adaptations of historical stories. One about an Ancient love story of Jade, the second about a warrior going to fight for his country! Amazing!

Not to mention the bars, Catniptini, new friends…etc.

This kitty thoroughly enjoyed her trip to Beijing! Kat did too!

Remember to keep enjoying life everyone!

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