Food “Hunting” Fun with Oliver & Renegade

Hi everyone,

It’s me Oliver here today and it’s my turn to try out new food that the humans sourced. 😀

Oliver: But what’s wrong with them! They put the box of Country Hunter down next to my empty Monmon Cats bowl. Do they not know that I can’t open this myself. 🙁

Rennie: Never fear RenRen is here to safe the day!

Oliver: And how exactly are you going to open this for us? 😮

Rennie: Simples! I’ll just keep meeeeeeoooooowwwwwing until they open this for us!!!!

Oliver: @_@ Torture!!!!

Rennie: That’s the idea. ;o

Rennie: Yummy! And told you my meowing was going to work. 😀

Oliver: But I was here first… I was meant to try it first. o.o

Oliver: Right… just as well there was more of it! My turn now…

Oliver: This is indeed delicious! Rennie wasn’t lying. 😮

Rennie: Is it my turn again?!?

Oliver: Definitely not…! *Licks lips*

Rennie: So brother… what makes this food so good for us?

Oliver: Ah I wondered when you’d ask… See this is made by natures:menu and is called Country Hunter with Chicken and Goose. They steam cook their food to ensure that it retains nutrients and it’s also completely free of nasty stuff like artificial colours, flavouring or preservatives. And it’s grain and gluten free which these silly humans really should adopt for all their own meat products… they’d get less fat and be slender like us cats. 😉

Rennie: I just had a look and it also contains some cool super foods such as catnip, yucca and green tea extract!

Oliver: Indeed it does for added nutritional boost.

Rennie: So where can the other humans out there get it for their feline friends?

Oliver: It should be available in most decent pet shops but in addition to that our UK feline friends can get it in our favourite online shop Animed Direct which means not just have they got the complete selection of natures:menu for cats and kittens plus treats but they also offer you free delivery if your total order value is £29 or over.

And in case you’d like more re-assurance, don’t forget that Animed Direct has recently achieved over 100.000 reviews with an over-all rating of excellence on Trustpilot!

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Prince Renegade the Grandest of Gourmands Gourmets

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20 thoughts on “Food “Hunting” Fun with Oliver & Renegade

  1. Erin The Cat says:

    I shall send Mrs H out to check this out. It sounds great and only made with good natural and limited ingredients too. But I am so very hard to please with new foods (0% success rate) we have given loads away to our pals.

  2. kedecat says:

    This is very funny – hahaha. Mind you, I can’t eat that wet food stuff. When my human tries to give it to me, I normally make a polite effort to lick it a bit, but I end up just waiting about for her to give me some crunchy food. But if you were passing by my territory, I would definitely get my slave to get some in for you – it looks like you really enjoyed it!

  3. meowmeowmans says:

    Well done, Rennie. Thank goodness for Oliver you came by. Otherwise he might still be looking at that unopened box! 🙂

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