Purrsday Poetry – Favorite Blanket

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in the Purrsday Poetry series by Rasma.

The day had been sunny,

the garden a delight.

Birds had sung in the apple trees

and I climbed up for a chorus or two.

Now the sun has gone down,

as the stars light up the sky,

I look for my favourite blanket –

to dream through the night.

Sid quote: The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to cover yourself up with your favourite blanket.

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14 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry – Favorite Blanket

  1. simon7banks says:

    Lovely picture and poem. MY cat Suzy has single-pawedly saved a pair of my shorts. End of summer, old pair of shorts with the elastic waist starting to go and the seat thin, about to throw them out, but I leave them on the bed knowing Suzy likes soft clothes with my scent. They’re still on the bed, several bed-makings since, because she likes snuggling up to them.

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