More Cats in the sun

I wasn’t going to write another blog post about our cats sunning themselves, but with weeks of temperatures about average, it’s hard to avoid. Chai and Sonea are still feeling the cold however, as several times a day, one or both, can be found in the cat bed next to our Aga. I don’t know how they do it!

Back to the photographs though and the one featured at the top is of Pearl from Bulgaria, who found a stray sunbeam in the study. As the room where I process all my images, I keep the curtains closed as much as possible. Pearl still managed to find a bright spot across one of the radiator beds though.

The next two are of our dear little Foxy. She can be timid at times, but not when it comes to getting the best spot in the sun. Either on the window sill in our south-facing bedroom, or spread out on the carpet as she is here.

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