YouTube Cats – A Song About Cats and it’s Inspiration by Pixel Adair

Today’s guest feature comes from Pixel Adair as she shares the inspiration for her song about cats that are not destined to become YouTube stars.

Since moving to a New York City apartment building that doesn’t allow pets, I’ve had to satisfy my kitty craving by binge-watching cat videos on YouTube, and I’m very worried. With YouTube cats rollerskating, playing the piano and doing Justin Bieber imitations, how is this affecting the self esteem of ordinary house cats whose greatest talents are napping and coughing up the occasional hairball? What kind of psychological damage will the viral video trend do to cats that simply are not cut out to dance the Macarena?

I asked some friends whether their cats do any mind-blowing tricks or exhibit any amazing skills that might someday require hiring a talent agent.

Ansonia’s mom, who adopted the tiger-striped angel from a New York City shelter, thought silently for about fifteen seconds or so, scratched her head, and asked, “Does lying on the floor in sort of a semi-circle count? Actually, it’s more like a single parenthesis.”

The mother of Hector, a cuddly orange tabby, expressed understandable pride in her fur baby’s ability to stand on a single arm of an Adirondack chair, but had to admit, “No, there’s really nothing I’d call a ‘talent.’ ”

In spite of my building’s no-pet policy, I decided last month just to go ahead and get a cat.

After browsing the “for sale” posts on Craigslist, I fell in love with a rare breed of cat known as the Bobblehead.

I call her Mancattan, and she has a talent for nodding her head affirmatively when she approves of something.

In fact, I just asked her if you should go look for the Pixel Adair channel on YouTube to check out my song about cats, and she nodded “yes”.

Now that’s a talented cat. Or maybe I’m just biased.

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