So Queenie and Tom seem to have a bit of a romance going on. It is the sweetest thing.

Chilling together after a tough night’s hunting.

Mam saw Queenie doing a little dance for Tom on top of the trampoline one of the days.

The day before yesterday they disappeared for the whole day. I was anxious needless to say especially after Gandalf didn’t come home last year. I still miss him. Still live in hope.

I had seen Queenie in the morning when she came in for a snack and then went out again as usual.

Tom had unusually been away all day, no mealtimes.

I was worried that Brownie had evicted them both but something about the way he was following me around crying made me think otherwise. Cats can be quite territorial, but in some ways Brownie is still just a big cuddly teddy bear. My big cuddly teddy bear. If Tom is Queenie’s love, then I am definitely Brownie’s. Although now that I am away 12-14 hours a day they are all latching onto my Mam again. I am sure they are filling the void left by Lucy the puppy who used to follow her everywhere.

I sang a song to Brownie asking him if he knew where they were. He got a fair amount of grooming too as those mats are back. He needs daily or bi-weekly grooming at least. My chocolate Brownie needs to be looking and feeling tip top.

Tom crawled back around 11 when I was crawling to bed. So unlike him to be gone for so long. But still no Queenie.

The next morning I went to school and made my folks promise to text if any sightings of the adventurous kitty.

By 9 a.m. Queenie was back and had had breakfast 🙂 Phew. All I needed was just

My little precious princess. She was curled up on a chair on the decking outside my Mam’s door when I got home yesterday. I petted and sang to her but she didn’t purr or even budge. Must have been wrecked.

If you take a peek over on instagram (see the link below) well you can see for yourself where that other adorable curmudgeon Brownie was waiting for me yesterday. I sang him a love song and gave him cuddles and pets. Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. My furry baby. My 5 year old nephew Luke also sings to them. He has the power to put them right to sleep.

You can see Queenie snuggled up with her favourite teddy. Mam says this is how she spent the afternoon yesterday too.

They are so happy and are definitely ascended masters in the art of the good life.

Until next time ♡



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