An Introduction to The Two Siblings, Jose & Andres

Hey, Everyone! I am a guest writer here and I want to introduce you all to my two male cats, Jose and Andres.

Jose and Andres are 14-month-old cats which accidentally have to live with me up to now. I had four kittens before them—their siblings from different father and a year older—but I had to let them adopted for some reasons. Their mother was a smart ashy-black cat which was gone missing two months after giving birth to them and their 5 other siblings.

Andres (a year old)

At first, it was hard to raise them without having them breastfed. It was a mating season and the mother was out for days then never came back again one day. They had to suffer from illnesses and I barely had money to bring them to the vet. I did anything I could just to keep them survive—I collected information about newborn cats on Google and had to change brand to brand of their wet food—they barely could eat, the mother hadn’t taught them that yet.

I was devastated and stressed out as they went skinnier from time to time. Every time they ate, they would poop three to four times a day. They only sniffed in the milk I bought because apparently, they didn’t know how to drink it from the plate. They got severe diarrhea for days and pooped blood. I was about to give up and could only cry for days.

Andres (a month old)

What touches my heart then was when Andres—after suffering from diarrhea and pooping blood for two days—came to me and looked at me in the eyes as if he wanted me to comfort him. He, with his weak body, wanted to be next to me and begged for petting. He couldn’t control his poop, sometimes it just came out from his anus on its own. His eyes looked tired but I saw some hope there that he wanted to stay alive. I still remember what I said to him while I pet him; “Please stay strong. You can pass through this. I love you”. He was looking at me deep in the eyes like he understood what I was saying. I said it with my wet eyes.

I knew he was going to make it and he finally did. A few days later he was healed. He slowly but sure started to eat again and gained normal weight. Jose was a bit luckier because even though he was also sick but he could make it earlier than Andres. Both gradually could adapt to their new food and to me as their “new mother”.

The two siblings have the opposite personalities

Andres is a black solid which characteristics are calm, quiet, not too friendly, and physically bigger than Jose. He rarely wants me to pet him. He rather sleeps farther than me. I guess he doesn’t like my smell or maybe is afraid of me. He has paralysis on one of his limbs as the result of the illness he got. But he is quite energetic and lively. He is healthy, fat, and cute all the time. I like it when sometimes he comes to me begging for petting. He really enjoys it. However, that doesn’t occur very often.

Jose (a month old)

Meanwhile, Jose is an ashy-black which characteristics are smart, energetic, and a bit naughty. He is also very friendly, the friendliest cat I have ever had. He is kind of needy and always knows how to annoy me. He will come to me whenever I wave at him (sometimes he ignores it, but rarely). To call him closer, I just need to look at him in the eyes, wave, and say “come here”. He will cheerfully come to me right away. However, annoying-but-cute part of him is that anytime he sees me sitting with my laptop working, he will come to me and beg for good petting. He shows me his belly and asks for rubbing. This happens all the time.

Jose (a year old)

I myself couldn’t believe that I can manage to live with them for such a long time now. I was thinking of giving them away to adopters but I already have some bonds with them. Every time I look at them in the eyes, I feel like I cannot let them go. They have been with me through good and bad times. They’ve always been there like family members of mine. If one day I have to lose them, I cannot imagine how devastated I will be.

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14 thoughts on “An Introduction to The Two Siblings, Jose & Andres

  1. Manu Stanley says:

    Very wonderful pet family you got there! I remember having a pet cat at home while I was studying for my under-grad degree. I used to live with my parents.. As I was preparing for my final exams, I used to stay up till very late in the night. The cat used to give me company, sitting in the table and impatiently murmuring at me. This will go on for almost an hour when she will extend the paw and slap my hand. That is the indication for me to stop writing and start petting. I shall have to close the book, and get to bed. Once it ensures that I am asleep, the cat silently gets out to the window and sneaks in to my parents’ room. I miss that lovely cat.

  2. Léa says:

    Such a lovely family you have! It is hard when they are not well. Yet I do believe your positive attitude made all the difference. 🙂

  3. Rachael Mcinnes says:


    I had a beautiful cat called dibble who was my boy and he went every where with me and when he passed away at 16i felt numb as he was always there for me but I now have four cats and could not be with out them and they all have their own character and could not be with out them. They even come camping with us. Love them all.

  4. chrisscatmeow says:

    What a wonderful story brought tears to my eyes don’t ever let them go you gave them the love and care why they most needed it. Your a family together now. Hugs and Purrs. x????

  5. simon7banks says:

    Sibling kittens can certainly have very different personalities. Just over a year ago two small long-haired tortoiseshell kittens started appearing in my back garden and it was soon evident they were waifs, having been abandoned or lost their human. They looked almost identical. They took food from outside. Very soon the more confident one began to use the catflap and within a month was firmly established as a very loving, sociable cat who loves to snuggle up on the bed. She goes outside frequently, but hardly ever more than for a few minutes. That’s Suzy. I thought sister Lucy would follow. A year later, Lucy has just about lost her fear of me – she’ll trot past me or sometimes let me pass close by her and she’s sniffed my carefully-offered finger – but she’s still living somewhere outside, maybe next door’s unused garden shed with the broken window. Judging by how much she eats, I must be her sole or almost sole source of food. But whether she’ll ever settle down in the house or let me touch her (let alone take her to the vet) I don’t know.

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