Tabatha’s Amazing Al Ain (and more UAE!) Facts!

Tabatha’s Amazing Al Ain (and more UAE!) Facts!
Hello to all you lovely readers and followers of Katzenworld! This is your cute and cuddly travel kitty ready to deliver another amazing dose of facts about the UAE! This week we have more facts about the UAE in general with a few facts about a lovely city called Al Ain, where Kat and I stayed for a short while whilst Kat worked in this fascinating country!
So let’s get on! Did you know….?
  1. The UAE traditional clothing for men is called the ‘Kandura’!
  2. The UAE traditional clothing for women is called the ‘Abaya’!
  3. The UAE is a state member of the GCC (Gulf Co-orporation Council)
  4. The countries in the GCC include; Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.
  5. The city of Al Ain is the driest place in the UAE!
  6. Despite its humidity and dryness, Al Ain is known as the ‘Green Oasis’ due to the amount of plants and flowers that grow there! Wow!
  7. How does Al Ain managed to be home to such beautiful plants and flowers? The lovely gardens of Al Ain are watered by an effective and traditional irrigation system that manages to bring in water from the mountains! Amazing!
  8. Al Ain is home to the famous ‘Jebel Hafeet’ mountain on the UAE/Oman border.
Thank you for reading my series of Amazing UAE facts!! Next time I will be focusing on the stunning Greek island of Crete where Kat and I have spent quite a few relaxing summers!
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Until next time!
Your travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxxx
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