Alexander Valentin Pusskin: an Elegy

Alas, you’ve gone: you’ve slipped off to the night,
My valentine, and now I know despair.
Your fur so ebony, so lush and rare,
That heart upon your breast, a jewel so bright!

You were my glory, my supreme delight —
Luxurious, and languorous, aware
Of all my dreams, a cat beyond compare,
A paradigm, a prince, a noble might.

Now hours of darkness, cold and bare and grim
Descend because your moon-like eyes are gone,
And night’s a space where stars cannot abide.
A new moon with no end, and my eyes brim
With oceans, and, alas, there’ll be no dawn,
For my heart, with your lovely life, has died.

Written Jun 8, 2017 © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved


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