Purrsday Poetry: Sir Romeow the Cuddle Puss, Portrait of a Cat, Sonnet Crown

You’re such a cuddle puss, Molasses Nose!
Yes, you! Your glamorous soft Siamese fur
Is making luscious your luxuriant purr,
My lovely lad, my darling Cocoa Toes!
Your tummy’s scrumptious as an ivory rose,
And every time you yawn, or slowly stir,
You make my melting heart move in a whir…
Here on my lap, all while you stretch and doze.

Yet, just an hour ago, with leopard growls,
You wrastled* with a jaguar in a whirl,
And gave me pause, though you’d no puffy tails.
And later, in mad panic, wracked with howls,
You slid across the piano, Little Pearl!
And, cross eyed, sent all flying, with wild wails.

You, cross eyed, sent all flying, with wild wails!
My Christmas decorations, all of them!
My wondrous winter sleighs, and every gem —
My heirloom teddy bears! Well,… each one sails
Into the air, in fuzzy comet trails,
Collectors Items, each garbed to the hem
In crimson velvet, white “fur” ruffs…. Ahem!
Then slowly quietude at last prevails.

At least I caught the lamp before it crashed!
However, my love, raccoon tailed, you fled
And somewhere cowered in a corner. No.
Well, Sweetie, nothing here’s completely trashed.
Except your feline pride, No. Nothing’s dead.
As long as you’re alright. Life’s tough. I know.

As long as you’re all right. Life’s tough. I know!
You’re just a little cross eyed: very hard
For pussycats. Come out of there, you card!
We’ll calm you down now, Cuddles, sweet and slow.
I know, I know. You’ve such a world of woe!
For kitty cats, from Persian puss to pard
Your crown of glory’s grace, and each canard
Of clumsiness a hell you can’t outgrow.

My Blaze is clumsy. Yes, he’s killed eight lamps!
He’s the grand murderer of twenty shades!
I still love him, and he loves you, and those
Sweet paws, all crouching down there, might get cramps.
I fold you in my arms. Your terror fades.
You’re still my cuddle puss, Molasses Nose!


Written Jan 9, 2015 © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

* Wrastled is used in the slang where I grew up.  It is informal as critter as opposed to creature.  My cat Blaze assures me it is appropriate usage for a cat.  😉


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3 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Sir Romeow the Cuddle Puss, Portrait of a Cat, Sonnet Crown

  1. Mary McNeil says:

    You painted a beautiful word picture of your cat – but I would like to see a picture anyway ! (I looked carefully among the bears, thinking she might be camouflaged.

    • Derrick Nedzel says:

      Author’s brother, responding for her: He is a navy seal point, looks a little like a burmese. He is very shy, haven’t been able to get a photo of him yet! Everytime i point my phone at him he runs and hides! Other than that, a really great little guy.

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