Cat Dumped in Box Outside Animal Charity

Cat Dumped in Box Outside Animal Charity

 A black and white cat was recently abandoned in a box outside an animal charity after her previous owner could no longer look after her.

The four-year-old, named Dixie, was discovered in a taped up cardboard box outside London-based animal charity, Mayhew, at the beginning of December last year.

Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officer, AJ Ford, said: “We found poor Dixie in a taped up cardboard box outside the Home. There was a note attached to the box from her previous owner that asked us to rehome Dixie.

“We can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for her to be left in a box, we wish whoever had abandoned Dixie had called us first. At Mayhew we are dedicated to helping people in crisis situations. We do not judge and we are here to assist and advise on the best course of action for the animal, no matter what the problem is.”

Dixie was quickly seen to by Mayhew’s Vet Team at their on-site Community Vet Clinic and was given a thorough health check.

Mayhew’s Cat Welfare Coordinator, Georgina Disney, said: “Apart from being very confused and scared, Dixie was in good condition when she first arrived.

“However, she was very shy and clearly wasn’t happy in our cattery, so we decided to put Dixie in foster care with one of our experienced carers, so she could enjoy a loving home environment until she was ready to find a new home.”

As soon as Dixie was ready, she was put up for adoption and soon found a new home to spend the rest of her years in.

Dixie’s new owner, Lynn, said: “We are so happy to have Dixie with us – she makes our house a home. She had spent time with a lovely foster carer before she came to us as she had been stressed. She is still very timid and shy, but we are doing our best to give her plenty of encouragement and lots of cuddles.

“She loves a tummy rub of all things – like a dog – and chases her toys around at great speed! She is proving to be a sweet and affectionate girl and is getting more confident with every passing day.”

If you are interested in adopting any other cats in Mayhew’s care, please visit or call 020 8962 8000.

Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers and Vet Team respond to hundreds of abandoned, neglected and abused animals every year and provide ongoing support to carers and pet owners in vulnerable situations. Find out more about their work by visiting Mayhew’s website and please consider a donation to help them help even more animals like Dixie.

If you or anyone you know needs to speak to a Mayhew Animal Welfare Officer, then you can call them on 020 8962 8000.

Mayhew are also looking for more dedicated foster carers to help them care for their animals. To find out more about fostering a Mayhew animal and to apply to become a foster carer, please visit Mayhew’s website.

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31 thoughts on “Cat Dumped in Box Outside Animal Charity

  1. Catherine Lingg says:

    I’m crying, I don’t judge but I’d sacrifice everything I have for my girls. I could never abandon them, That’s how both their lives began, dumped at kill shelters. I love them more than anything. So happy Dixie is safe and loved

  2. Léa says:

    A happy ending for Dixie, she is such a love! It is sad that she was abandoned in such a way but better than a dumpster. I choose to believe that the person who left her there did so because they believed there was no alternative due to their circumstances and are missing her terribly. Okay, so that is the therapist in me…

    Best wishes to Dixie and her forever family!

  3. Tigger Haywood says:

    If the people who abandoned Dixi imagined for one minute how they‘d feel being left somewhere in a taped-up box, they‘d know how the cat felt. There is no difference. It makes me sad that many people don‘t know that. Glad to hear Dixie has found a forever home now.

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  5. Nora Hamilton says:

    It must have been so heartbreaking for the previous owner to do that… can tell by the note that Dixie was well loved. Whatever circumstance caused this must have been traumatic. I am so very glad Dixie found a new home.

  6. Lauren says:

    Dixie is blessed to be adorable and forgiving. I just love happy endings for cats like this! I just wish there weren’t stories that started like hers. . . .

  7. chrisscatmeow says:

    Why do people do this instead of getting in touch with the shelter. Poor soul left trapped in a dark cardboard box so unfair. At least everyone else involved gave her the care and love she deserved and best of all she found her forever home. x????

  8. greg-in-washington says:

    Not quite the right way to turn in a cat to animal welfare, but they could have done something much worse. We have all heard those stories. It is a happy ending for Dixie which is what matters in the end. Glad she has a home where people love her.

  9. angela1313 says:

    Obviously the original owners cared about her but it’s sad people feel they can’t openly ask for help. Better for the animal and then of course they know who you are to let you know thay found he or she a new home, which I am so glad they did for Dixie..

  10. artseafartsea says:

    Poor Dixie being abandoned like that is so traumatic. Looks like she found a good home with good people, she deserves that. So adorable.

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