Competition: Missy & Chance Online Pet Photo Show

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a post from our friends Missy & Chance! It’s all about their online pet photo competition in the style of a traditional cat show. You can even win rosettas but without the annoyance of having to travel anywhere 😉

All details below:

Closing Date: April 5th 4pm (UK time)

16265786_253183778439541_6514040278076679571_nAny proceeds from our shows goes to Yorkshire Cat Rescue ( 1160138) who do an amazing job, why not pop over and give their page a like ?

ROSETTES: 1st to 5th in classes 1 to 26 (other than 24)
CERTIFICATES: 6th to 10th in classes 1 to 26

BEST IN SHOW & RESERVE BEST IN SHOW are chosen from all 1st place winners

Trophies to BIS, RBIS, Top Supporter, Reserve Top Supporter and the winner of the Helping Paws class

All classes are judged by personal friends of mine with no connection to Facebook

CLASSES: (open to all pets)

1: Best Cuddle (Sponsored by Amanda Sims & Moglis)
2: Handsome Boys (Sponsored by Caroline Beaumont)
3: Rainbow Bridge Pets (Sponsored by Sarah Moakes)
4: Four Seasons: Pets playing in snow/leaves etc. (Sponsored
by Sarah Jo)
5: Beautiful Babies (Sponsored by Caroline Sinclair)
6: Pets Being Silly (Sponsored by The Five Yorkshire Cats)
7: Rescued/Adopted (Sponsored by Ruthie Crawshaw)
8: Group Pic: 3 or more pets or pets & people (Sponsored by Sabrina A Kitching)
9: Pet Selfies (Sponsored by Susan Chamberlain)
10:Sleepy Pets (Sponsored by Chartell Bateman)
11:Most Alert (Sponsored by Susan Chamberlain)
12:Golden Oldies (Sponsored by Sarah Moakes)
13:Pet With Fav Toy (Sponsored by Wendy Smith)
14:Wildlife/Zoo/Safari Park Pic (Sponsored by Robyn Easton)
15:Helping Paws: main class sponsors only (Sponsored by
Easy Mind Cat Care/Amanda Atkinson)

Anything raised from classes 16 to 20 will help towards Missy’s health care. please help if you can (open to all pets)


16:Head Shot (Sponsored by Vivienne Ketchen)
17:Nursery Rhymes: have fun with this one (Sponsored by
Jennifer Lee Hunt)
18:Gorgeous Girls (Sponsored by Melissa Williams)
19:Pets In Action (Sponsored by Ruthie Crawshaw)
20:Outdoor Pic (Sponsored by Jennifer Lee Hunt)

Class 21 is to raise funds for Gods Little People Cat Rescue in Greece, Joans inspiration for this class was the quote “There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion”
21:Exquisite Beauty (Sponsored by Susan Chamberlain)

22:FREE CLASS:Special Needs/Disabled Pets
1 free entry per pet (Sponsored by Susan Chamberlain)

23:All You Need Is Love…Or An Easter Egg!! (anything Valentine or Easter related) (Sponsored by Sabrina A Kitching)

24:Most Mischievous Pets. 50p per entry, certs to 10th. Closes Feb.25th (CLOSED)

25:Anything Goes (FREE ENTRIES up to 4 per pet) for anyone who has paid entries in other classes)

All proceeds from class 26 will go to help Helen Marie Esposito (cat rescue/Foster)

26:Fav Pet Pic

8 Specials up for grabs. No need to enter these as they are chosen from all the show entries
If you would like to Sponsor a special, the cost is £1.50 and you pick the winner for your chosen class(other than your own)


A: Best Cat (Sponsored by Sarah Moakes)
B: Best Dog (Sponsored by Sarah Jo)
C: Best Of The rest (Sponsored by Rusty and Friends Online Show/Donna Jarvis)
D: Nicest Markings (Sponsored by Rose Moss)
E: Most Appealing Eyes (Sponsored by Rose Moss)
F: Funniest Pic (Sponsored by Sarah Jo)
G: Happiest Pet (Sponsored by Sarah Moakes)
H: Cutest Pet (Sponsored by Rusty and Friends Online Show/Donna Jarvis)

ENTRY FEE: £1.00 per photo, per class.
Please send payment by PayPal to (friends & family)
Payment can also be arranged by bank transfer


Please send entries by private message to Missy Chance with pets name and classes you wish to enter


Missy, Chance & Lynne xxx



Good luck to everyone that enters! We will be sure to enter a photo of Nubia and Oliver. 🙂

If one of you readers wins let us know so we can mention you in the follow-up post!



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6 thoughts on “Competition: Missy & Chance Online Pet Photo Show

  1. retrodee says:

    That white one on top looks like my late boy Jelly Bean! He had one green and one blue eye. He was mostly white with a black spot on back of head and black on tail. 🙂

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  3. Nora Hamilton says:

    And it’s for good causes! I entered last year and won a first place, a Special first place, and a bunch of 3rd’s, 5th’s, 9th’s etc. It was fun!

  4. Md Arman says:

    This type post will win the heart of every bloggers. This post has shows some new ideas of how to write a quality article. So thanks for such a wonderful post with us.

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