Renegade: The new and Improved Petcube Play

Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite ginger tabby Renegade back again! (Yes I am a tabby… check my tail it’s got tabby markings. : D)

Renegade: Today I got to try out the new and improved Petcube Play before my siblings. You may remember that they reviewed the original PetCube a few years back:

Oliver & Nubia: Fun with the Petcube interactive camera *incl. Video*

Renegade: Come on humans, hurry up and let me play with it!

Renegade: So it’s out… but how does it work?

Renegade: Maybe I need to press a button here?

Renegade: Ok… this definitely needs assistance of the humans! Turn it on for me!!!

Renegade: These little red dot insects are certainly a lot of fun! 😀 But they always make me very hungry… I shall have to go and find a treat but first I’ll have to tell you a bit about the Petcube improvements. 😉

Renegade: The new PetCube Play is A LOT smaller in comparison while by no means being less powerful. In fact the new version provides much improved video quality amongst being lighter and easier to use. 😀

Renegade: But PetCube is not just about having fun… by owning a Petcube you can keep an eye on your fur-friends while you are away from home and have a fun little play moment with them from the office or a holiday.

Renegade: Plus you have an online social network of Pet Lovers at your fingertips as you can share videos / photos or even make your video stream available to other Petcube owners. 🙂

Renegade: Stay tuned for more fun with the Petcube Play AND its brother Petcube bites which I am especially keen to get to try out as it throws treats out!!!!

Signed by,

Prince Renegade the Creator of Chaos and Grandest Connoisseur

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6 thoughts on “Renegade: The new and Improved Petcube Play

  1. boredsensei says:

    omg I need this in my life! Working overseas and leaving my fur babies miles away from me keeps me lonely and sad, I always have to ask someone to videocall me so I could talk to them.

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    • Marc-André says:

      Ah that’s a a good question! ;). Special kitty approved ones are safe as they use very low frequencies for the laser so even long exposure of human or pet eyes is not a problem.

      The danger comes from cheap laser pointers that are not throttled back and those meant to be used on white boards. Those are also the ones you usually hear about in issues with airplanes. :/

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