Renegade: The new and Improved PetCube Play

Hi everyone,

It’s your favourite ginger tabby Renegade back again! (Yes I am a tabby… check my tail it’s got tabby markings. : D)

Renegade: Today I got to try out the new and improved PetCube Play before my siblings. You may remember that they reviewed the original PetCube a few years back:

Oliver & Nubia: Fun with the Petcube interactive camera *incl. Video*

Renegade: Come on humans, hurry up and let me play with it!

Renegade: So it’s out… but how does it work?

Renegade: Maybe I need to press a button here?

Renegade: Ok… this definitely needs assistance of the humans! Turn it on for me!!!

Renegade: These little red dot insects are certainly a lot of fun! 😀 But they always make me very hungry… I shall have to go and find a treat but first I’ll have to tell you a bit about the PetCube improvements. 😉

Renegade: The new PetCube Play is A LOT smaller in comparison while by no means being less powerful. In fact the new version provides much improved video quality amongst being lighter and easier to use. 😀

Renegade: But PetCube is not just about having fun… by owning a PetCube you can keep an eye on your fur-friends while you are away from home and have a fun little play moment with them from the office or a holiday.

Renegade: Plus you have an online social network of Pet Lovers at your fingertips as you can share videos / photos or even make your video stream available to other PetCube owners. 🙂

Renegade: Stay tuned for more fun with the PetCube Play AND its brother PetCube bites which I am especially keen to get to try out as it throws treats out!!!!


Signed by,

Prince Renegade the Creator of Chaos and Grandest Connoisseur

4 thoughts on “Renegade: The new and Improved PetCube Play

  1. boredsensei says:

    omg I need this in my life! Working overseas and leaving my fur babies miles away from me keeps me lonely and sad, I always have to ask someone to videocall me so I could talk to them.

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