Have a Purrfect Holiday: The Benefits of Finding a Free Pet-Sitter When You Go Away

Going away and leaving your beloved cats (and other pets!) can be stressful. You could put them into pet boarding, but might then worry about how they’re coping in a strange environment. Another option is to ask a friend or neighbour to pop in and feed them, but how often will they come in? Will they be able to spend quality time with them, or will it be a quick in-and-out? When you’re asking people to do you a favour, asking them to spend a set amount of time in your home can feel a bit awkward.


Luckily there’s another option – finding experienced pet sitters to look after your cats and home while you’re away means it’s possible to save on pet care fees and keep your pet’s routine while you go on holiday. You can go away for days, weeks, or even months at a time and have a trustworthy sitter look after your pets and home, giving you that extra peace of mind! Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Here are some of the benefits of finding a free pet-sitter through a trusted network.

The benefits of having a pet-sitter when you go on holiday

  • You can avoid putting your cats in a cattery, which can get costly, but more than that, not all animals cope with the change of routine and being somewhere new. Because they’re looked after in their own home and familiar surroundings, your cats are less likely to suffer from stress and anxiety, making them healthier all round!20369204_10154619358397115_5586859505647181179_o.jpg
  • You’ll get added security and peace of mind while you’re away – in terms of both your pets and your property. It’s natural to worry occasio23795278_10155273748137815_7424895003548623216_n.jpgnally when you’re away, I know I’ve had a last-minute panic wondering whether I locked up properly or accidentally left my straighteners on, and when you’ve got a responsible person (or people) taking care of your cats and your home it really puts your mind at ease. It can also help for insurance purposes if you’re going to be away for a long period of time, as your home won’t be sitting empty.
  • You have someone in your home whose sole purpose is to take care of your pets and home while you’re away. While many people rely on busy friends or family doing them a favour and popping in to feed and check on their pets, it’s much better to have a dedicated pet-sitter staying at your home. It’s also nice to come home to a lived-in property, with plants watered, post taken in and tidied away; all those little touches!
  • The pet-sitters are free! Yes indeed, this is a major benefit of ‘house-sitting’ – an exchange of services between the pet-owner and the pet-sitter. The pet-sitter will apply for your house-sit assignment because they will want to be in your location, and will be happy to care for your cat while you’re away. With each house-sit that they complete they earn a review online, and build their reputation that way.

HouseSit Match is the perfect resource to connect pet-sitters with homeowners looking for their services, with opportunities all across the world. Leaving the house in the care of a stranger is something that can make you understandably nervous, which is why HouseSit Match offers incredible levels of personal support along with guidelines and legally approved document templates to help every experience a success. And the pet-sitters come free!


If you’re interested in finding the perfect person to look after your home and pets while you’re away HouseSit Match could be just what you need.

Have you ever had experiences using a pet-sitter for your cats while you go on holiday? I’d love to hear how you found it!

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8 thoughts on “Have a Purrfect Holiday: The Benefits of Finding a Free Pet-Sitter When You Go Away

  1. chrisscatmeow says:

    Great idea. I used to help friends when they went on holiday I didn’t actually stay at their homes but I spent as much time as possible with their pets as I just loved looking after them.

  2. Nora Hamilton says:

    We did that when we away for four weeks and it was the perfect solution. A co worker who had just moved to the area need a home while looking for her own and so all of us got what we needed.

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  4. iamthesunking says:

    When we went away last summer, Louis Catorze had a French cat-sitter come all the way from Paris to look after him. And she spoke to him in French the whole time, naturellement. ??

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