What it’s like with a Ragdoll

It’s roughly been three months since we’ve welcomed  Cotton to our home and I want to share with everyone what that time has been like. Living with a ragdoll has been nothing short of amazing. Yes, there are added responsibilities that are included in the package, but in my opinion the benefits far outweigh the responsibilities which include feeding and cleaning, which eventually become habitual.

There are many reasons why having a ragdoll has been a wonderful experience, and I will talk about my top reasons in hopes that it will be helpful for those who are curious and may be interested in welcoming one home!

Reason 1: Ragdolls are passionate pets, more akin to dogs than cats!

Yes! Ragdolls are extremely affectionate! I’ve heard stories from friends and from online blogs that cats are independent animals, and require very little interaction with their human counterparts. After welcoming Cotton home, I have to disagree completely with that statement. Cotton just wants to be around humans 24/7, following us from room to room, and even sleeping beside us! When we come home, he always greets us and lies on his back waiting for his belly rub. This seems crazy since bellies are a very sensitive part of a cat’s body. This is especially true in the wild, showing your belly has dangerous consequences, and that behavior is still genetically encoded into their DNA. That is why your cat will only reveal their belly to you if they trust you… ALOT! But when they do, it is one of the cutest things in the world.

Reason 2: Ragdolls are very low maintenance!

This is for the like-minded lazy people. Having a pet can seem like taking on a lot of responsibilities and extra work. If you’ve done your research and the results steer you away from having a pet, do not fret, as ragdolls are very low maintenance. Asides from feeding them three times a day, making sure water levels are good, and occasionally cleaning their litter box, there isn’t much else. All that amounts to maybe 15 minutes a day. Ragdolls are very sanitary pets, and they are probably more picky than you about how clean they are, which is why they do a great job of keeping themselves tidy clean!

Reason 3: Ragdolls make for a very good study buddy!

Well, remember when I said ragdolls are extremely affectionate and like to follow their owners around, this also applies to when you are doing work. They will with 100% certainty climb your chair and rest on your desk in a place where you can see them, and then they will nap there while waiting for you to finish your work (even if this means on top of your laptop). Nothing helps with de-stressing more than a cute furry thing napping next to you :).

Reason 4: Ragdolls are great cuddle buddies!

Ragdolls, unlike most other cats, love to be cuddled. They are perfect for cuddling in bed as you watch your favorite series of Netflix! Netflix and chill with buddy! This in itself should be a reason to get a ragdoll :).

Reason 5: You will create beautiful memories together!

Lastly, welcoming such a loving and affectionate pet to your home will create new experiences and beautiful memories. Cherish your time with the little one, because it won’t be long before they grow from 3 pounds to 7, then to 15.

Cheers all and happy training!


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13 thoughts on “What it’s like with a Ragdoll

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  3. Nora Hamilton says:

    Unfortunately I did not have this experience with the ragdolls I had. I bought from a breeder who did not socialize the kittens. No matter how affection may be in their genes, they must be properly socialized by the breeder. Mine were raised in a cat colony with no human supervision so they were extremely affectionate toward each other. They did not allow us to hold them or pet them, they did not sleep with us, and when one was accidentally injured in a play accident he stopped playing. The other cat became extremely aloof and clearly unhappy with living with us, as we had no cats for him to play with. We were unable to correct this so we gave them back to the breeder. No refund. It was a tragic experience.

  4. Rohvannyn says:

    As I write this, one cat (the floofy calico) is sitting right next to me on my desk, occasionally patting my head, licking my cheek, and basically trying to be as close to me as possible. She often exposes her belly for rubs. She’s not a ragdoll but she has some of the same tendencies. The Siamese keeps stropping against my leg wanting attention too. I have not experienced the stereotypical “aloof cat” except when I have known cats that are psychologically damaged, or just don’t know me yet. Almost all of the cats I have known have been extremely affectionate, whatever their breed.

    That said, I would love to meet a properly socialized Ragdoll one day.

  5. Create-A-Holic Writer says:

    My ragdoll, Otis, is the best pet I’ve ever had. You’re absolutely right about craving human contact. He wants to be around us all the time. He loves our company and he is a true bright light in our lives!

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