CONVERSATION WITH A KITTEN…Wondering If He Will Be Someone’s Last Pet

Guest post from the blog: overthehillontheyellowbrickroad

As I walked through a doorway Over the Hill on the Yellow Brick Road, I noticed a kitten who seemed to be searching for something.

Can I help you?

KITTEN: I’m looking for a home.  I need someone to take care of me.

Well, I’ve had lots of cats in my life.  Growing up, I had a black cat, Midnight, who lived a good, long life.  And then, when I was in my twenties, I had another gray striped cat, Hamlet.  He lived a long life, too. When he died, I got Teddy, my black and white cat.  And when his long life ended, I got a Maine Coon cat, Bosley.  He died last year.

KITTEN: It sounds like you’re a good cat mommy.  What’s your name?


KITTEN: Cathi, will you be my cat mommy? Take care of me?

Uh…I’m not sure I can do that.  I mean, I’m older now.  You might be my last cat.  You’re just a baby and your whole life’s ahead of you.  What if you live longer than I do?


Or what if I get too old to hold you in my arms?


Or what if I can’t bend over someday, so I won’t be able to give you your cat food?


Or what if my legs become too frail to play with you?


Or what if my hands are unsteady so I can’t pet you?


Or what if I run out of money and can’t afford to buy you food?


Or what if—

KITTEN: Cathi?


KITTEN: I just want to be with you.

Copyright:overthehillontheyellowbrickroad 2017

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41 thoughts on “CONVERSATION WITH A KITTEN…Wondering If He Will Be Someone’s Last Pet

  1. Paul oudeis2005 says:

    Very moving… makes me think I should get another cat, even though my last one (Cassandra) was killed recently, after ten years of tender loving care, by horrible neighbor’s dogs.

    • overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says:

      Ah, thank you very, very much. Since writing the post you just read, my Kitten , Jakie, has started to grow into a handsome, sensitive, playful, loving cat. I’m so glad we’re together.

    • overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says:

      Wow, that’s scary about the dogs. All the cats I’ve owned have gone outside. Jakie (the kitten I now own) doesn’t go out. Maybe it’s better?

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    • overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says:

      Yes, I believe it’s a telepathic sense cats and kittens have about humans. Thank you for your very kind thought.

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    • overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says:

      Yes, the thought of a particular pet possibly being my last never occurred to me. Until now. But you never know what’s around the corner, so I’ll take any cat who comes into my life.

  4. Nora Hamilton says:

    Yes, sweet and sad. I am approaching that point in my life and really, I can’t bear the thought of not having a cat.

  5. Léa says:

    None of us know for sure how long our journey will be or how it will go. Adding that irresistable feline just makes it all the more worthwhile. My friends and I have a pact that should anything happen, we will band together and all felines will be cared for.

  6. Zooey says:

    Thank you for this. It’s something that has been running through my mind lately. We haven’t stopped yet and currently have 11 cats. The youngest is just 8 months old 🙂

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