Tabatha’s Amazing China Facts #3

Hello to everybody at Katzenworld. This is your cute travel kitty Tabatha checking in with you all for another amazing and fact filled post about China 😀

Here are some further facts about China that Kat (owner) and I find completely amazing!

1. Do you LOVE ice cream? Ice-cream was invented in around 2000BC when the Chinese packed rice mixture and soft milk in snow. WOW!

2. Red is considered a lucky colour in China. Clothing and New Year banners are all made in red. At one time wedding dresses were red! The colour symbolizes happiness 🙂

3. By grade 4 (in school) Chinese children are expected to know 2,000 out of 40,000 characters of the Chinese Language!!!! WOW!

4. It is good luck for a gate of a house to face south.

5. Suspension bridges were invented in China 1,800 years ago, way before the west had thought of the idea….

6. Pigtails used to denote the marital status of a female. Two pigtails signified women were unmarried and one meant a woman was married.

7. The Chinese Language is spoken by 92% of the country (40,000 Chinese characters!) It is the oldest language known on Earth known to be used for writing as well as spoken language.

8. Most historians believe football was invented in China in around 1,000BC

9. The Forbidden City was named because common people were forbidden to enter the city! Any common person who saw the emperor was killed!

10. The 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing (North of China) were the most expensive Olympic games in history. The Beijing Games were estimated to cost a massive 40 billion dollars!

Thank you for reading my amazing China facts! For February I will be writing something new for Katzenworld….

Until next time….

Travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxxx

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