Purrsday Poetry: Cat Naps and Anxious Hearts

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Shelby:

Cat naps and anxious hearts

Here I sit with a cat near me,

I am at peace with her in my lap,

My peace tells me that I can just be,

When my fear stirs a desire for a nap.

The kind of nap that makes me disappear,

The kind of nap that lies of its intention,

My heart’s feelings are not so clear,

As my soul seeks to get my attention.

Among the Thai food, the media,

Among all of the things tonight,

I have not seen my own mania,

From beneath compact fluorescent light.

I see that my rest is still miles away,

My restless heart, be silent for the new day.

This poem first appeared on Shelby feels in poems.

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