Update: Dirk aiming to beat the flab

I while ago I told you about Dirk’s struggles with his weight. We monitor his food intake very carefully and use a range of activity feeders. The feeders mean that Dirk has to work for his food so he is less inclined to scoff it all down in one go and the feeders also help alleviate boredom.

In any case, Dirk is now a much healthier 5.1 kg and almost at his target weight of 5.0 kg! He was 5.3 kg when I first wrote about him beating the flab back in February 2017, but was 5.9 kg at his heaviest. As they say, slow and steady wins the race 🙂

Flab 1
Don’t talk about my weight ever again!

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12 thoughts on “Update: Dirk aiming to beat the flab

  1. rissilvia says:

    What a good boy! I feel like it’s much harder to get cats to lose weight than dogs, especially once they’re out of kittenhood and less inclined towards hours of play. Have you shared a list of your favorite feeders?

    • karenjuffermans says:

      There’s a blog on this site about Dirk aiming to beat the flab. He loves activity ball feeders and the Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center. I’ve seen other cats use this 5-in-1 board too and though it takes some getting used too, they all seem to like it. Have also seen cats with the Catit Senses Food Maze – very good for cats with bigger paws – and Catch Interactive Feeder: the cats happily walk over to this feeder instead of their bowls and one even eats dry food from this feeder first before wet food from their bowl! I was quite amazed 🙂
      The last one I’ve seen cats in action with is the Trixie Cat Activity Brain Mover. It’s not all that difficult and keeps the cats (and you if you’re watching them) entertained for a bit. This one and the 5-in-1 board work for multi-cat households too so long as the cats are fed the same. I’ve noticed each cat tends to have a preferred section of the board (one is actually a master of the tricky bowl section where cats “fish out” food).
      Dirk used to have a toilet roll tower too, but it got a bit greasy and Dirk loved clawing at the carboard rols more than getting food out of it.
      Dirk’s favourite is the ball followed by the activity board, and judging from other cats’ behaviour the other three I mentioned above are good too.

      Perhaps just gradually feed less in bowls and more in activity feeders so your cat doesn’t get too hungry and frustrated. I’ve managed to get one cat to go from not using it at all (it was collecting dust) to only eating from the activity board within 10 days, so it’s worth sticking with it.

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