Infographic: Human food Poisonous or Safe for your Cat?

Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a fabulous infographic on what human food is safe and what isn’t safe for our little friends.

Of course the list of “Safe foods” contains items that while safe if stolen from your plate are not exactly on the recommended list of food items for our friends. 😉

But since Nubia LOVES to steal porridge (oat meal) as well as our sandwiches… we thought we’d educate people that it is safe if your fur-friend has the same habit of sticking his / her face into a bowl of porridge!

Others such as fish oil are actually very good for our friends and provide them with important minerals and vitamins.

Huge thanks goes to Reviews Bee for collaborating with us on this and producing the infographic.

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50 thoughts on “Infographic: Human food Poisonous or Safe for your Cat?

    1. Most cats are lactose intolerant so it can cause diarrhoea and other tummy problems. As a treat it would be much safer to give them cat milk or lactose free milk.

        1. Mary B, If you mean cows’ milk, it’s better avoided — as Marc says, it can precipitate diarrhoea. “Kitten milk” is okay, but actually all that is needed is access to fresh clean water.

    2. It’s the lactose intolerance so poisonous may be a bit too strong as a word here. Generally it’s advisable to use cat milk. While small amounts may do no harm if your cat is lactose intolerant (which the majority are) it could cause problems with their tummy

      1. It’s kind of like lactose intolerance in humans just that most of us stop eating cheese milk etc if we notice adverse affects there as cats will continue to lap it up and get tummy problems. 🙁

    1. It’s the lactose intolerance. Sadly it’s been a long standing misconception that cats must love milk which has been amplified through movies and cartoons.

      On a positive note if a kitten continues to receive milk they may have retained their ability to process lactose and thus be fine with it even in adult years. 🙂

  1. I’m glad to find cooked meat on the safe side
    Our kitty didn’t steal anything except döner kebab – extra spicy. She loved that 🙂

    And apparantly wasabi coated nuts smelled interesting but she only tried once 😀

  2. My Parker loves avocado. She can smell it before I even bring it to the table. She used to fancy peanut butter, but turns up her nose at that, for reasons unknown to me….

      1. Parker changed a bit with regard to her eating and sleeping habits when we lost our little Teemu. She was very close to him and I think his loss was a big blow to her. Does that seem like a possibility?

  3. Years ago I had a cat who decided to try food that was sitting on a kitchen counter while I was at work. I came home to find he had eaten half an avocado, skin and all, several bites of a cantaloupe and one bite of a grapefruit. No I’ll effects from any of it but he never did it again.

    1. 😹 luckily melon is ok for cats Overwise one of my friends would be in trouble as her boy will eat half a water melon if you leave him to it…

  4. Now how can raw meat and fish be poisonous to cats? If so then cats would have died out long ago, given that outside the domestic setting, raw meat and fish are the natural choice. My Ben ate an entire raw pigeon, minus one claw and one wing, without the slightest side effect. I never once saw him or any other cat chucking anything into a camp fire, or asking for space to put a mouse on the barbecue.

    1. This is in reference to the general available raw meat that’s not classified as fit for raw consumption. I’ll get the creator of the infographic to modify it.

      The problem is that a lot of the cheap meat gets nuked with chemicals to make it safe for human consumption which sadly no longer makes it safe for raw consumption by pets.

    2. I’ve asked the contributor to update this part as it’s specifically targeting the raw meat available in supermarkets which often gets treated with some Nasty chemicals to make it 100% safe for human consumption. Most of those chemicals get broken down to “safe levels” in the cooking process. If you want to feed your cat raw food you’d be better off buying organic raw meat or raw diet from a reputable raw pet food manufacturer.

  5. Years ago, when Rom was alive, he and our dog, Belle, dug up cantaloupe rinds out of the compost pit, then proceeded to have a huge fight over them (Rom won). After that, I always divided the extra cantaloupe between them to avoid conflicts… The surprise of that fight also inspired Kazza, the alien tiger of the Chatterre trilogy to be a vegan with cantaloupe being his favorite treat.

    1. 🙂 one of my friends cats loves water melon. Apart from the seeds. He’ll make a point of eating the melon and spitting the seeds all over the floor. 😹

  6. Thank you for this easy read graphic. I always thought that milk was a typical food for cats, until our Lucky got sick drinking it one day. Now whenever my children have a bowl of cereal and accidentally leave it on the table I have to grab it quick because Lucky always goes after the milk, which means I will have to follow him around the house cleaning up my poor fur baby messes! I thought he just has an allergy, I did not realize it is not good for cats at all. Thank you for clearing that up.

    1. 😹 has he had milk since he was a kitten? If so it might be that he retained his ability to break down lactose. See if we stopped drinking milk after growing out of the baby years we would actually also loose the ability to break it down.

      Plus genetic lactose intolerance is much higher in cats hence why it’s on the earning list. 😉

      1. Yes, my double-trouble tuxedo has been drinking milk since he was one-two months old. But he loves everything with milk, for example he gets crazy for parmiggiano 😛

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