Introducing Bowie

Good afternoon everyone! First my name is George Windsor.

I’m a singer/songwriter, TV personality and ultimately a cat LOVER.

I want to introduce my gorgeous little boy ‘Bowie’. The reason I named him that is because when I was on X factor 2016 I sang ‘Lets Dance; by David Bowie.

Believe me it’s much easier blogging about Bowie than it is myself. HA! As its ‘tummy rub Tuesday’ I thought it would be appropriate to include the above image.

I paid £10 for Bowie as a gesture of good will to reassure the lady that he would be in safe hands.

The joy I find with having a cat is the companionship. Some will argue but Bowie sits in the window awaiting me to come home, he sleeps on the pillow next to me in bed every night.

When I have my moments and i’m down or I cry he is the first one there to jump on my lap, coo at me and rub his cheeks against me. People underestimate our little fur babies and think that they only NEED us for food. Not the case, I have even turned around in the shower to find him sat between the taps or the bathtub watching me. I did feel under pressure with my personal grooming routine.

My little pussy cat is a diva, a very strong male diva! He will only eat Sheba or Gourmet by Purina. No jelly, gravy only. I feel like saying ‘Caviar Bowie?’.

He is currently 8 months old and is experiencing the big wide world in small baby steps…. what he doesn’t know is wherever Bowie goes, Dad goes too! I could not leave my little boy for any longer than a day without missing him!

Anyway, thanks for reading my introduction post and you will definitely be seeing more of me and Bowie in the next few weeks.

Paws up

George x

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22 thoughts on “Introducing Bowie

  1. overthehillontheyellowbrickroad says:

    So nice to meet you and Bowie, I have an 8 month old cat, too. His name is Jakie. He shows affection at odd times, and most of the time he wants to play and play and play. He’s the cutest.

  2. franhunne4u says:

    Do not forget that Bowie is (in cat terms) a teenager – and needs some loving consequence (not violence – just a consequent NO or being lifted from a place he is not supposed to be) – What is enerving now pays back later when he respects the house rules.

  3. angela1313 says:

    Oh those white paws are beautiful (of course the rest of Bowie is too). Thank you for sharing him with us.

  4. Catherine Lingg says:

    I think I’m in love with you, you are everything I’d want in a cat daddy, unfortunately I could probably be your mom or grand mother lol. I am devoted to my girls and volunteer for a rescue. Thank you for loving Bowie, he’s a lucky boy

  5. crimsonowl63 says:

    What a loving companion you have in that beautiful Bowie! You sound very much the way we spoil, I mean treat normally our cat Harrison. I worry after about 5 min where he is and go looking around the house.
    Welcome to you & Bowie.

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