Tabatha’s Amazing China Facts #2

Hello to everyone who loves Katzenworld! This kitty really hopes you are keeping yourselves well 🙂

As Kat and I continue to embrace our China journey, here are some more facts about China we find completely fascinating! Missed part 1? Click here to check it out.

1. Did you know that toilet paper was invented in China? It dates back as early as the 1300’s! However, only Emperors were allowed to use it…

2. The Chinese have been making silk since around 3,000BC! It was a close guarded secret kept for many years. Any person found to be taking silk (or silkworms) out of China was sentenced to death!

3. Bats are traditional good luck symbols.

4. The longest river in China is the Yangtze River. It is around 6,380km long! Wow!

5. The name China is believed to originate from the first dynasty, the ‘Qin’ (pronounced ‘chin’) dynasty which began in around 260BC.

6. China has the world’s oldest calendar with 12 zodiac signs and takes 60 years to complete!

7. China has recorded the longest traffic jam in history. It happened in Shanghai and lasted for a lengthy 12 days!

8. Apparently if you breathe normally in Beijing (with no mask) it is the equivalent of smoking a packet of 20 cigarettes!

9. Ever been to your local zoo and seen a real panda? All of the worlds pandas are on loan from China!

10. If you are rich, you don’t have to serve your prison sentence! You just pay to hire a body double to do your time for you!

Make sure you check in with us next time for more amazing China Facts!

Travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxxx

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