Purrsday Poetry: Schrödinger’s Box

schrodingers box2

Schrodingers box never had any windows

Just a door for others to find you

Just a coin with death on one side

Just an exit where you can check out

But you can never leave

 — TheLiteraryEdd , @LiteraryEdd .

11 thoughts on “Purrsday Poetry: Schrödinger’s Box

  1. I did not understand today’s poem until I done some research into Schrodingers box. When I read it I was shocked to find out they put a cat in a locked box,a flask of poison and radioactivity source. If the internal monitor detects radioactivity the flask is shattered releasing the poison which kills the cat. I was happy to read this was not actually done as an experiment.It went on to describe in more detail which I couldn’t really understand.x🐾🐾

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