Guest Star: Sassy and Gracie

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest story by Andrea Gaines:

Sassy’s mom, Gracie,was found emaciated and weak in one of my outdoor shelters I keep for the neighborhood feral cats. She was sweet and gentle and I started feeding her and sitting with her while she ate. One day, out of the blue, she crawled into my lap and let me hold her . That’s when I noticed she was very pregnant! She was so thin it was hard to tell till I ran my hand over her body. I called our local shelter and offered to foster her and her kits till a home could be found for them all.

Long story short, Gracie gave birth in my closet. It was a very hard birth. She had 7 kits! True story! I helped her birth most of them.

Little Sassy was born breach. We almost lost her, but I managed to pull that little girl out, bit by bit, until her head was finally free.

Momma cat was so weak, I thought I was going to lose her and Sassy wasn’t breathing well.

My Dad raised and brea d Siamese cats and taught me when I was young how to gently rub the kits tummy to get them to breath better.

It worked on Sassy!

After that we were bonded! I just couldn’t give her up and she never passed up the chance to play in my lap!😸.

To sum it up…..Momma and All kits lived…all healthy….all happy…and All got their very own furever homes…..including Sassy..right her with me and my husband and 6 other cats…all of which are rescues from horrific abuse and saved from being euthanized!

And that’s Sassy’s story. Hope you enjoyed it!!😸🐆🐈

From Andrea H Gaines in Colorado.

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