Merry Christmas and thank you to our Secret Paw for the lovely presents

Hi everyone,

It’s me Oliver here today! Our humans allowed us to to open our christmas presents at last from Three Chatty Cats. : D

Nubia: But of course they were very slow at opening the box… don’t they know that we are lacking thumbs to do it ourselves by now…

Renegade: Hold on a second… are you two trying to get into the christmas spirit without me!!!

Renegade: I’ll give you a paw!

Nubia: I was here first!

Renegade: What if I give you a little kiss. <3 May I join the fun in that case?

Nubia: Possibly…

Renegade: There we go it’s open!

Nubia: And look! All the presents. 😀 And there is a card to me and Oliver. <3

Renegade: Excuse me… It’s got my name on it too!

Nubia: Small details… 😉

Nubia: Right if we both pull on one side of this… Maybe we can get into it!

Renegade: Sister… Stop rubbing yourself over it and help me pull!

Nubia: Sorry… I got distracted because whatever is inside this smells delicious. @_@

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Oliver: You two seem to be forgetting about me!!!!

Renegade: Ooops… ok you can join too. ;O

Oliver: I want this sparkly one please!

Renegade: Noooooo! I saw that one first!!!!! I want it.

Oliver: Not everything is for you brother…

Renegade: Oh my gosh… It’s a Catnip-Nana!!!

*Hours of slobbering, licking and kicking later*

Renegade: *Exhausted* My god… this was the best Catnip-Nana ever! Thank you Secret Paw

Nubia: My turn! 😀 And yes you are right Rennie… This is a good Nana BUT it’s all covered in your slobber…

*Drops Nana*

Nubia: Oh no! I dropped it!

Renegade: Bahahaha I got it again! 😀

Nubia: Bad brother… -_-”

Renegade: While I really really liked my Nana… THIS was my favourite!!! Feathers *drools*

Nubia: Of course in the box of presents were also some presents for our humans!

Renegade: I am far more interested in those treats…

Nubia: Yes we know you are a gourmand…

Renegade: What are you hiding behind that sister?

Nubia: Silly brother… I think the humans are trying to put up the decorations near us!

Oliver: Well… they may put it up on MY box if that means they keep the box instead of taking it out. :O

All three: Thank you once again to our Secret Paw, Three Chatty Cats, for the lovely christmas surprises.

Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
Prince Renegade the Creator of Chaos and Devourer of Worlds!

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29 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and thank you to our Secret Paw for the lovely presents

  1. Catherine Lingg says:

    I was so worried not seeing Nubia, so relieved to see her join in. Merry Christmas to your family from mine, Her highness Princess and her loyal subject Rosie and of course their servant Mommy

    • Marc-André says:

      Ah with the three it’s become incredible difficult to alternate between featuring all of them haha.

      We do have some lovely videos of Rennie grooming Nubia tho. That’s their evening ritual. I usually put those up on twitter or IG 🙂

  2. Sue McCarthy says:

    What a lovely post, made me smile! My old cat had a catnip Nana like the one above and he absolutely loved it.

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  4. Three Chatty Cats says:

    Dexter, Olive, Sophie and Woodrow are so happy the presents arrived safe and sound! They were hoping they’d arrive in time for the big day! And it looks like they did! Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!

    • Marc-André says:

      They certainly did. 🙂 and in traditional fashion the kitties weren’t allowed to open them until the evening of the 24th haha. That’s when presents get opened in my home country (Germany) which works perfectly for posting about the pressies on the U.K. main Christmas Day the 25th. 😀

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