Merry Christmas

Hi everyone,

We hope your year has been as fabulous as ours and that you have time to relax with friends and family over Christmas!

The year has gone by extremely quickly for us and looking back at the last 12 months we are amazed at how many new people we met!

We’ve also had a fantastic year in terms of awards with one of the most important ones for us having been the Top Pet Blog vote from Vuelio. They even invited us for the Blogger Awards Gala Dinner back in November at which we had a fun evening out and got to meet loads of new people. 🙂

Anyhow it’s time for our Christmas Wishes from us and the three mischievous felines that rule our house!

For this year’s Christmas we decided to get a special cartoon drawn to emphasize the importance of sharing and caring for each other, not just at christmas but all year around.



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61 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you 🙂

      And yes! Let us know when you are next in Europe. We may also end up in the US in the not too far future as we’ve got a bunch of virgin Atlantic air miles left… maybe we can find a discounted flight with that. 🙂

  1. Awww Renegade….look forward to your adventures in 2018….Hope you will be best off friends. Happy Christmas to you all…love,Hugs and kisses….your all the best.x😻😸🎅💕

  2. Happy Holidays to Katzenworld, Marc-Andre and his team, and all the kitties! Thanks for being there, and thanks for being awesome! Nezumi says squeak, and Shinji says meow!

    1. Thank you Linda ^^ we had a fabulous Christmas and looking forward to New Year’s Eve now. 🙂

      Hope you guys had a great Christmas too. 😀

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