A quick intro and greeting!

Hello fellow cat lovers!

My name is Maria Appleby and I live in Champaign, Illinois (USA) with my husband and our cats. We have been married for 26 years, and we are both veterans. I grew up in Michigan on a small family-owned produce farm, the youngest (and only girl) of five kids.

I really find introductions difficult as I don’t have a lot to say about myself at all. I could go on forever about my husband and our cats.

Our kitties range in age from one year to 17 years old. One has a cauliflower ear. One has chronic pancreatitis. One has kidney disease. One has cancer. Several are siblings. About half of our cats came to us because their owners passed away. We have two former ferals that are now well adapted to indoor life. I have one ginger boy that’s been here over a year and a half and I still can’t pet him, but he comes out near me. Every time I get to see his fat orange stripes it just makes me smile. Some day shy kitty cat, some day, you’ll learn about ear scratches and chin rubs. I’m patient.

We are fairly experienced, but by no means experts, when it comes to cats. We have much to learn. We’ve hand-raised kittens. I’ve done “hospital care” at home (Sub-Q fluids, syringe feeding, administering meds). Nail trimming, brushing and combing. The occasional bath. Just like most of you who have and love cats, their care takes a lot of time, but it’s time we’re glad to give. We have awesome veterinarians that we’ve been with for decades. We have a great group of highly experienced friends in cat rescue too, thank goodness. More than once I have picked their brains for helpful advice and guidance.

One thing I can say, the pet community in general and the cat community in particular (online), has been wonderful. We met Marc from Katzenworld. We met many awesome rescuers. We have made many friends all across the United States, and from other parts of the world. We were supported when our cats were ill. We were comforted when we experienced loss. The benefit of having animal loving friends on social media has been profound to us. A blessing.

I would like to thank Marc for allowing me to join his community and for welcoming me with genuine kindness. I would like to thank all of you ahead of time, for your patience.

Here are a few photos of some of my cats, my furry kids, who bring me so much joy. I used to think we saved them. Like many of you, I learned they saved me.

Ricci, Nonae, Brownie, Storm, Fuji, and Fury.

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23 thoughts on “A quick intro and greeting!

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  2. franhunne4u says:

    Had a shy cat like your shy kitty boy – she is now a purring, head-butting loving cuddler. She got tempted by clicker-training – I clicked for her letting me near her, letting me pet her, and one day she had enough and just jumped up on the sofa and from then on, after seven months – we are friends.

  3. A Christian In Bloom says:

    Hi Maria 🙂 Your fur family is precious! <3 My husband and I have 4 cats, Charlie, Miss Belle, Pork Chop and T-Bone. It's so true what you say about how in the end our fur babies save us <3 our cats might as well be our children we love them that much. So glad there are people out there as loving as you and your husband to take on and care for cats in need. All animals deserve that kind of love! God Bless <3

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  5. mvaden1948 says:

    Hi Maria and family. I’m Michelle and I live near Seattle, WA. with my handsome devil, Diavolo. Diavolo means devil in Italian. We were recently joined by Sunshine,, a tall marmalade boy whose owner passed away.
    As cat lovers we often go to great lengths to meet our cat loving friends . Just this past March, Marc and Iain met up with me in Venice, Italy where I got to show them my favorite. “back streets” tour. Too bad our cats couldn’t have joined us.
    Maybe someday there will be a Katzenworld. Festival where we can all meet up.
    Our cats do save us. I am a cancer patient and Diavolo has been a wonderful nurse for nearly two years now.

    • Maria Appleby says:

      A KatzenWorld meet-up would be AWESOME! How cool that you got to travel to meet Marc and Ian. If I ever went to Italy I’d declare all food calorie free and indulge heavily! I’m so happy you have Diavolo and Sunshine. I hope it’s not too forward, but I send you gentle, healing thoughts and wishes.

  6. RoseyToesMeows says:

    Lovely to meet you Maria ? I’m Rose, and my boyfriend and I are slaves to eight kitties. We live in Shropshire, UK. The internet is a wonderful resource for meeting like minded cat lovers around the world!

    • Maria Appleby says:

      It’s so nice to meet other families with multiple cats! Because of the Internet (and Marc) now I have met you, and I’m glad.

  7. Evelyn Waugh (@Kerbrech) says:

    We owe it to all those who depend on us…to plan ahead–make arrangements, to ensure that if we are rendered comatose or incapacitated or die…those dependent cats, dogs, birds, ferrets or any other animal species (including members of homo sapiens sapiens), will be cared/provided for & loved (with a forever home).

    • Maria Appleby says:

      It would be wonderful if all pet owners were able to do this, wouldn’t it? Thank goodness there are rescuers, and animal lovers, that often step in and step up when an animal loses it’s human. You’re very right, total care includes arrangements if the worst happens. Keep spreading the message, it’s very important.

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