Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers & Cat Guardians 2017 – Part 2

Hi everyone,

We can’t believe it’s December already! Following our initial guide a lot of people asked for some other specific items to be included so we quickly whizzed up a second part to our gift guide!

Cats Top Trumps Card Game

This super adorable card game is available from most toy shops and of course Amazon. Currently in the UK it’s available from £4.87 via Amazon. At that price it’s not just a pawesome christmas present but can also act as a secret santa purrchase!

Looking for a timekeeper for the cat crazy person in your life?

I am sure you’ll agree that even without Rennie this watch would be the purrfect for any cat lovers. This particular watch is currently on special offer for £19.99 via

What would be better than some cute animal themed T-Shirts or merchandise! Genki Gears has got you covered here 😀

The full range of clothes and merchandise can be found on the Genki Gear website! Most designs are available in unisex or womens T-Shirts and of course Hoodies and much much more!

Looking for pawesome cat products that will also help do good for animals in need of homes?

The RSCPA has a lovely selection of various cat products from toys to beds and even food! Check out their charity shop. 🙂

A fun event for a family day out after christmas?

Our partner LondonCats will be hosting an International cat show in Leatherhead on the 6th and 7th of January! And you can secure your tickets now here! Adults are £7, children £3 and a family of four can get a family ticket for £15. (prices exclude booking fees)

More lifestyle products, T-Shirts and Merchandise included?

Another one of our favourite cat themed Clothes and Merchandise brand. Fuzzballs has a large selection of amazing cat (and other animals) themed choices of clothes, mugs and other merchandise! New this year is the FUZZBALLS MINI GUIDE TO YUMMY TREATS GIFT SET, we’ve got one of these in the post to us at the moment and can’t wait to get baking!

Cool gadget to keep the cat busy and away from the christmas tree?

This fun little remote control mouse comes from Hexbug! We are planning to get one of these for Rennie for Christmas so stay tuned on the outcome. 😀

Something that you may still need after Christmas? 😉

Rennie gets hungry A LOT as many of you know… so when we found out that offers a bottomless bowl service we just had to include them in this gift guide! 😀 Basically if you agree to re-order products you need more regular such as food or anti flea products you’ll get an extra saving on your orders.

New for 2017! A multi functional grooming device

One of the things that people disliked about the old FURminator was the fact that it didn’t move and was really just one tool. (Of course even the old one was great!) But this is there the new Flex version of the FURminator makes a huge difference as it comes with a curved blade to be more comfortable and has replaceable heads to do different things. Available through most pet shops and of course Amazon.

Some luxury cat toys from our partner 4cats?

Rennie asked us to point out  the premium range of cat toys to you all. He thinks they are especially pawesome because of the extra tassels!

A “unique-horn” funky phone case?

And as the last item on our list we’d like to add this fun phone case from TopShop. We think getting a phone case with a christmas unicorn cat is a MUCH safer and more responsible way of having a unicorn kitty. Unfortunately we see it far too often on Twitter and co that people put these onto their real cats. 🙁

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas gift guide! And don’t forget to tell us which one of these was your own personal favourite item. 🙂

For more ideas it is also a good idea to browse through our Product Reviews which you can find by clicking here. These are products that we have thoroughly tested and provided you with our own photos and recommendations.



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