Renegade: Give this to me NOW!

Hi everyone,

It’s Rennie here! And I can’t believe how slow these human servants sometimes are…

Renegade: Why would you put down a closed tin? Do you not know that I’ve not got opposable thumbs to open it! 🙁

Nubia: I think the idea is to take a few photos first to show people what you are going to be eating…

Renegade: YES!!!! They’ve opened it AT LAST!

Nubia: I don’t think you should eat it out of the tin… give them a chance to put it in the bowl. o.o


Nubia: *Sigh* I am sure he is a pig… not a cat at times!

Renegade: Waaaaaaaah give me back my bowl of food o.o! I am starving!!!!

Renegade: Much better… now remember to do this more quickly next time humans! 😀

Renegade: This new food from AniForte was very yummy!

Nubia: What exactly was it you had?

Renegade: My favourite prey! Rabbit!

Nubia: Hmmmm….. hunting rabbits? I better send a warning to our friend Speedy… @_@

Renegade: Speedy? Is that the tasty looking bunny… *licks lips*

Nubia: Right that”s it I am going to go hide our friend before eating the morsels left behind by Rennie. :O

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Disturber of Peace
Prince Renegade the Creator of Chaos


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18 thoughts on “Renegade: Give this to me NOW!

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  2. franhunne4u says:

    The littlest rascal in your household has a very unusual head form – and is very skinny (naturally, I’d say, not saying you ARE starving him, even if he might not agree) … he has been checked for thyroid problems?

      • franhunne4u says:

        Aaah – that explains it for sure! Asian breeds are mostly rather skinny, like the modern breed of Siamese, which have a similar headform to Renegade. And lo and behold – that breed stems from the modern Siamese breed … They are described as sleek and muscular with a wedge-shaped head – and Renegade fulfills this breeding standards to a point! I just wasn’t aware he was a breed … My bad.

  3. chrisscatmeow says:

    Renegade certainly enjoyed his food I don’t no if there will be much if any left for Nubia.My dad had a Siamese cat which had the same slick body and thin face and of course those gorgeous ears.Love you all.x?????

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