Truce or consequences?

Colette: Bonjour mes amies. So no one forgets, I am keeping my eye on everything around here. At least this Simone character knows how to keep her distance, most of the time. All she likes is to do is cuddle and wash, cuddle and wash… I am meant for greater things. I like to cuddle too but I have a preference for laps. She doesn’t get it. I feel a bit sorry for her but what’s a girl to do. I am a literary feline and when the human picks up a book, I stop what I’m doing and get ready to read. My favorite spot is curled around the human’s neck or just a bit lower. Often there is a bit of negations as I descend to just below where the book is. Sometimes she will read bits out loud to me. She really doesn’t have to as I am telepathic. These simple humans think nothing happens without them.

 As you can see by my lovely photo, I do keep an eye on things so as to avert any possible mutiny. One can’t be too careful in these situations and a girl has to protect what is hers. 

Simone: I’ve had my walk around the place, running up and down both flights of stairs. It can certainly wind a girl. Colette is becoming less hostile and basically spends most of her time ignoring me in favor of that human. Well! I certainly don’t get it and fail to see what a human could possibly have over moi! She does allow me to wash her sometimes which I enjoy so much. It is almost like having one of my kittens again. It is so difficult being separated like that. There was still so much to teach them. Why did I have them just to have them stolen like that? Colette doesn’t understand… I long to be needed and loved. There is certainly a barrier here and I must figure out how to get through…

Colette: Okay, she can stay there for now but the first sign of infringement and I am off. She is sad and misses her kittens, I was taken from my mother but do you think that affected me? Not likely. I’ve been toughing it out on the streets until they took me to the S.P.A. and until the human showed up. So I do keep an eye on her. The portable jail has disappeared from view but I know it is out there. She does have a cozy lap and loves reading almost as much as I do.

Simone: Well, I’m getting a bit closer but it is such a lot of effort and it is all on my part. You would think she would love a cuddle with someone as beautiful as I am. She thinks she is so smart, well I’ve got kittens her age, somewhere. No doubt I could teach her a few things. At least she washes herself regularly, but I could help her. 

Au revoir, Colette, Simone and our human

Disclaimer: Any and all mistakes are strictly due to human error and will be dealt with.

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