Femmes de Narbonne

Bonjour from Narbonne. We are Layla and Jasmine. We live with a young couple, humans but well trained. They are both excellent in toys and games and she is from Thailand and an delicious cook so there is much to be happy about here. Layla: I was the first to rescue these humans from that desolation that comes from not having felines in residence. We are marvelous entertainment, and oh, the cuddles are not to be believed. We have delightful voices and are good at drying tears when things get difficult in life. It took a few weeks before I got the humans to realize the need for a sister to play with but they responded well. 

Layla: I am so delighted to have my own home. Yes, the humans do come with it but someone has to do the cooking, shopping and other such mundane things. Actually, as humans go, they are purrfect. A feline can’t be expected to do everything and Jasmine and I are in charge of entertainment and cuddles. 

 Jasmine: What a delightful home I have. My sister is beautiful and young like me. We have so much fun together. We have the most marvelous floor. You can start running and just skid all the way from one end of the apartment to the other. No doubt I shall not have to educate you on the possibilities for a ball or other such object on this type of surface. I am quite the athlete and an accomplished dancer. Just get out that little light that Colette and Simone, cousins, sent upon our arrival. They knew there were toys here but who doesn’t love chasing that light and I will get it one day…

Sometimes a girl just has to catch her breath or keep up with current events on her kitty TV. We enjoy watching it together and are often found either playing together or cuddled up and helping with household chores such as below. We are experts at making a bed. We keep the floors clean especially in the kitchen and under the dining table. Also, our humans are quite generous. Shrimp and chicken seem to find their way into my reach frequently and that pleases me. 

It is a pleasure to share our story with you and we do hope that there will be more visits in the future. Remember, if you need more lovin and cuddles, just head over to your S.P.A. and let a cat/kitten or two choose you. Yes, we do realize that most humans believe they are the ones deciding but our charms are magical! The S.P.A. seems to be located everywhere but they are a good place to find the felines that will train and guide you.

Bisous et câlins,


Layla, Jasmine and the human

Disclaimer: Any and all mistakes are strictly due to human error and will be dealt with.

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