Guest Star: Benji and the Cat Trials

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from our good friend Benji!

Cat Trials

Today after all our normal rituals (morning loves and scratching, fresh canned food with gravy, etc.)  she was acting in a suspicious manner.  While scratching the scruff of my neck she sneakily left behind some foul goo which interfered with my own cat smell,  and which I tried my best to lick away.  It was unfortunately just out of reach.  Tiger had the same noxious smell yesterday and that I can understand as he is not nearly as fast as me.  I shall have to confer with him about this peculiar human behavior.

Of course I forgive Sue this anomaly.  She must have her reasons for changing my scent for the day.  Perhaps I can sleep it off.


P.S.  from Sue ~  If I could avoid this part of cat parenting I would.  The boy is a fighter for sure!

We hope you enjoyed his story and don’t forget to email us any story you’d like us to include on the Blog! 🙂



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10 thoughts on “Guest Star: Benji and the Cat Trials

  1. Diavolo use to fight me when I put it on his neck but he has really come to associate it with lack of fleas and as long as I don’t take too long doing it he sits still. But like you it needs to be in the middle of a good petting session.

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